Cyber Security, Penetration Testing and Web Security Services

website-security_in_web_applicaiton-Scan your Website for Malware, Viruses and Spam.

-Secure your Database.

-Secure your .htaccess file.

-Secure your File Systems.

-Secure your Login Page.

-Tune your Backups.

-Deny the Bad Query Strings.

-Block all Hotlinks.

-Enable the Advanced Character String Filter.

-Gain Protection against Spammers and Spam comments and Trackbacks.

-Gain Protection against all Vulnerabilities and Loopholes.

-Gain Protection against Brute Force Attacks.

-Gain Protection against Fake Internet Bots.

-Install and Configure an Advanced Firewall.

-Activate the 5G Firewall Security Protection Rules.

-Check your (robots.txt) file.

-SQLi Protection (SQL Injection)

-Cross-Site Scription Protection (XSS)

-Proxy Detector and Blocker

-Input Sanitization

-DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks)

-Integration with DNSBL (Spam Databases)

-Logs Sorting + Search Module

-AutoBan Function

-Spam Security

-Ban System + Redirect Option

-Bans Sorting + Search Module

-Country Bans

-Dashboard + Stats Module

-Log hacking attempts in Database

-Cool Visual Effects and Animations

-Multifunctional Admin Panel

The team at SOUTECH is committed to providing quality and affordable services with maximum flexibility to our clients in order to help them maximize profit. Our efforts are directed towards yielding more compatible web solutions.

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