Guidelines on how to write a simple business profile


Every business you are going into today, for you to advertise your business online, and for you to get your business listed in any business directory, you must have a business profile. What really is a business profile to show your business is in existence, a business profile is a professional summary of the functions, aims, objective, vision, mission and the brand concept of your business. It is usually devised to show the product and services your company is offering to the public. There are so many formats to which you can present your business profile. But today I will be giving the few basic guidelines in preparing your business profile.

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There are some step by step ways on how a business profile can be written and they are as stated below

The Companies’ General information

  • Company background/ Details
  • Company values
  • Mission and vision
  • Objective
  • Services
  • Clients you have worked with
  • Past project

Company background/ Details

In this you talk about your company, when it was created, what it does and the quality of your company’s product or services. Here you are allowed to talk about your company in a great light so that the person reading will be drawn to what you have to offer as a company

Here, is where you give all the basic information about the company, these include, the name of the company, the contact where clients can reach your company with that is the telephone number and mobile number, number of staffs, office address, email address, website, company’s social media handles if available etc.

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In summary,

  • The Company Name
  • Company Location
  • The date of the company’s creation
  • The main Industry of the company
  • The product or, and services your company offers


Company values

In the context, you are to give the values of your company by showing what drives your company to give the best of what it does and how it will appeal to its clients and prospects. There are so many things that can drive a company and you have to see what unique virtue that will assure your clients and visitors of your integrity and ability to deliver.

Mission and Vision

The mission here is for you to state the reason for your companies existence and why you want to bring innovation.  The vision of the company narrows down to the purpose and aspiration of the company and where the company owner sees the company in the coming years to come


This is the goals that you as a company owner set for the growth of the companies which can be achievable in all sections or departments of your business. These overall goal achievements are set to attain growth, boost and improve customer service, encourage employee productivity and increase your company’s return on investments and profits.

Products and Services

In this context, you as a company owner or an aspiring company owner will have to give a detailed representation of what you have to offer to the public or your potential customers. For without you having a product or service to offer, there will be no company.

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Clients you have worked with/ Past Projects

This though optional is still important especially to an already existing company. You have to show the public the projects you have taken on before and present a portfolio of all your works so as to be able to give your company the look of a professional work and to make it known that you are an expert in that work and have a piece of evidence to show for this expertise.

 In the end, you have to ensure your business profile is short and attractive and goes straight to the point. You are not writing a novel or an encyclopedia, ensure you captivate the minds of the reader and potential clients that might want to work with you and ensure to put I those experiences you have had in the same field whether big or small and for those who have worked with clients before, ensure to make the list short and preferable reduce it to the best 5 to 10 clients you’ve worked with over the years.

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Author: SOUTECH Brands
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