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Business Intelligence

SOUTECH has been acclaimed as the finest company providing business intelligence services and helping clients adopt futuristic and growth oriented approach. Global market place is vulnerable to downturn and upswings, hence it is imperative to integrate legacy systems, or manual processes with high end solutions that not only improve productivity, but widen the growth horizon.

Our team of business intelligence professionals is capable of understanding, analyzing your business and raising all the tough questions that need instant answers. To offer you the big and clearer picture, our professionals work meticulously on your business data. We help you build a great future by collecting data that is lost or have become redundant. Our business intelligence experts help you monitor mission critical data that includes client information, relations, suppliers, market, and organizational operations to create neat picture and futuristic decision.

Our business intelligence experts help you monitor mission critical data that includes client information, relations, suppliers, market, and organizational operations to create neat picture and futuristic decision.

  • Who are your target clients?
  • Who among them are the profitable ones?
  • Are you able to keep a check on your competitor’s performance?
  • Are you able to meet industry’s performance benchmark?

SOUTECH –A Business Intelligence Company

At SOUTECH, we create strategy, collect data that your business generates, and provide result oriented solutions using our business intelligence applications and tools. The intelligent tools that empower us to offer smart solutions to our clients are:

  • Data Mining
  • Forecasting,
  • Business Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Multidimensional Analysis and Reporting
  • Knowledge Management

Our business intelligence team has some of the best business intelligence experts who have extensive exposure to various industries across continents.


IT Consulting

Are you satisfied with the way your existing IT system performs?

Are your employees comfortable with the functionalities of your IT system?

Are you tired of paying software licenses?

Is your IT system congruent with the industry standards –effective and relevant?

SOUTECH helps you answer all these tough questions with its robust IT analysis, development, designing and testing mechanism. There are many businesses still struggling with age old IT systems that create redundant data and are vulnerable to security risks. SOUTECH offers its IT consulting services to such organizations that need technologically contrived IT systems to push the growth and performance trajectory.

Affordable IT Consultant from NIGERIA

Incompatibilities and inefficiencies act as a bane in disguise that compromise success and hamper productivity as well as growth. The prevailing inefficiencies can create procrastination leading to low performance, distraction from work and increased cost.

SOUTECH is renowned for its technologically congruent and economically contrived IT solutions. We have been critically acclaimed for our endeavor towards quality, consistent support and consulting. We realize how important it is for businesses to implement new solutions within the defined budget.

Tailor Made Technology Services

Our team has experts who combine technologies and business strategies to improve efficiency curtailing the IT cost with our business centric approach. We offer our technology partners a very pragmatic solution that is specially designed to address their most critical business challenges:

  • Infrastructure
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Transformation
  • Security

Let SOUTECH empower your IT system to embrace any future challenge and keep employees satisfied with data efficiency and performance. Be one step ahead!

Legacy Migration

Businesses need to keep upgrading the systems in order to meet the technical requirements. If your existing system is unable to respond to the needs and demands of clients and employees, it is time you upgrade your ineffective and costly legacy systems. For better efficiency and productivity, software upgrade and system upgrade is imperative. While migrating from legacy system to newly built system, it is of a great importance to safely transfer all the requisite data and business processes.

It is an important decision to make -financially and business-wise – to migrate from legacy systems or modernize the legacy systems. Your business requires highly skilled and experienced IT partner who have extensive experience in legacy migration of years. SOUTECH is a trusted IT partners that has done numerous successful legacy migration projects for domestic and international clients.

Our Legacy Migration Services:

  • Re-launching the current system on a newer platform
  • Migration of legacy system to newer version
  • Upgrading with applicable off-the-shelf applications
  • Re-designing the system user-friendly features
  • Replacing legacy system with all the new solution

Customizing Solution to your Business

Every business is unique, and no two businesses can be same. The processes are also unique; hence it needs a solution that matches its needs from both perspectives – technology and employees. Switching from one system to another is always a daunting job to perform that requires expertise and suiting technology. SOUTECH understands how important it is for businesses to upgrade their systems. We design to the demands of our clients’ business and their employees. Our tailor made solution is affordable and technologically advance.

Software Architecture

To achieve business objectives, great IT strategy and architecture, organizations heavily bank on information technology. These components are critical to achieving business goals for peak efficiency and rapid growth. It requires high level of IT expertise, technological know-how, and years of experience in software architecture service domain. Barring technological expertise, it also requires a big IT budget. Software architecture acts as a blueprint for the system and the process of development of a project that helps in mitigating design risks quite early.

Software Architecture Design Services Nigeria

SOUTECH is a leading software architecture service agency with extensive experience in the field and exposure to various industries across continents. We have developed a well orchestrated mechanism to design software architecture for our diverse clients that is affordable and extremely effective.

Our Expertise

SOUTECH provides software architectural design and development services for legacy / existing systems and new systems. Our experts and professionals are committed to providing quality, yet conforming to the existing technology standards and practices of our client’s organization.

Requirements and System Analysis: Our IT experts work diligently with our clients to compose user documents, cases, and stories with thorough analysis and effort estimation. The process will help you understand what it would take to completely realize a solution.

Modeling: Our experts are capable of developing UML models that thoroughly describe a system. These models can be delivered at any required level that includes high level logical organization and detailed class method level design.

Model/Reference Implementation: We create a spike solution that validates the architecture, tests the feasibility of technical solution, and confers a patter for entire process to follow in the due course of designing.

Architecture Reviews – Our team evaluates the existing system designs for scope to simplify or add system enhancements.

Software Testing

It is imperative for organization to test their software or applications before they are launched. Many software and application are not tested due to lack of effective tools, resources, and finances that lead to impending risks and ever emerging bugs in the system and its processes. SOUTECH software testing services allow its clients to improve quality, performance, and reliability of the existing system or newly built IT system.

At SOUTECH, we offer software testing solutions that provide complete client satisfaction mitigating the business risk making the best use of latest robust technologies available out there.

Types of Testing

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing

We, at SOUTECH, offer testing services for web applications, desktop software and applications as well as mobile applications. Our software testing professionals are years of experienced with plenty of successfully accomplished projects to their credit. They use some of the best tools available today for testing software and applications. They diligently check and validate your software from functionality, security and usability perspectives. SOUTECH makes sure that the software you have designed is not vulnerable to security issues.

Staff Augmentation and Consulting

Businesses follow mainly two processes to augment their staff; One is by outsourcing their development projects to third party to manage their in-house needs or offshore IT projects. The other is to deploy an in-house team to support the IT requirements as well as consulting. In both the scenarios they require access to external software professionals, developers, and programmers who carry experience and expertise of the domain.

SOUTECH has employed experienced and talented IT professionals who understand business as well. Our team of Business analysts, Solution Architects.Project managers, System Analysts enables you to augment your IT staff and empower your business for future. From project managers to developers and programmers to designers, no matter what your requirement is, SOUTECH is always there to help you with

SOUTECH is your technology partner that is always with you to help your business with strategic, technological and talent power support.

Ramp-up or Ramp Down

SOUTECH is a partner for all seasons. Our strong team allows you to stay agile, flexible, and ahead of time keeping you technologically up-to-date. Whether you are adding IT staff to the existing team due to a rise of workload or reducing professionals looking at fluctuating workload, SOUTECH confers your business an opportunity to bridge the skill gap in the organization.

SOUTECH’ staff augmentation and consulting services get you access to the geniuses of IT domain and development services. We even recruit professionals for you imbibing your work culture.

SLA Driven Services

We, at SOUTECH, strongly believe in quality and realize the importance of on-time delivery. Our mechanism is designed in a fashion to provide on-time delivery. Even our professionals who work in-house or on premises are committed to providing SLA oriented services and support. Our talent support is flexible and committed towards work

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation helps you shape and reshape your IT professional team whenever the organization requires. The process helps you ramp up and down the staffing whenever required. It is flexible and judicious from business perspective.

Some of the benefits of staff augmentation:

  • Control on the team
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Flexibility
  • No Risk
  • No Attrition
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