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1000’s of website is hacked on every day. Master card, Embassy, websites and all web portals and applications are having vulnerabilities.

  • Have you ever wonder how secure is your bank and the security flaws they might have?
  • what kind of security system are they providing for on-line banking?

Anyone can attack a website or your online application with little knowledge of hacking( script kiddies) with the aid of some tools, tips and techniques. Your Credit Card, your confidential information’s are not at all secured. Even with some general Google keywords anyone can access passwords, server credentials and even your webcam.

Our experienced security professionals analysed that every second there is an attack on highly potential website and someone is earning millions and someone is losing millions. Government information is easily accessible, Military information is hack able. We the security ninjas having compressive experience in providing security for all these kind of web based services.

In the near future everything connected in internet your home, your office, your mobile everything all the devices including your vehicle. Think about this a attacker attacked your Home Automation System and locked your children and increasing the heater temperature and asking millions of money to release them. This may be happen because pentagon is also hacked in the past. So, website security is a major threat and is a major problem in web based services.

After 5 years of research, hands on experience our security professional find out most of the possible ways of attacking web applications and web services and provides a comprehensive security solution.

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