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Android Apps Development NIGERIA

Mobile Apps

Technologies come and go, but leave behind a sea of opportunities that need to be tapped. SOUTECH help you avail the opportunities. Android application development has become indispensable for all business as the use of mobile phones has gone up drastically. 70% of all hand held devices run android applications across the world. Consumers use Android applications for all their works from booking tickets to shopping and reading books.

It would always help if they get apps from their loyal brands. Companies can keep their client posted and communicate directly by launching business apps. Android apps have expanded beyond mobile phones as mobile manufacturing companies have launched tablet devices that run on android OS.

It’s time to capitalize the opportunities before it too late.

Go Mobile. Get Smarter

SOUTECH, based in Nigeria, provides android apps development services to its clients from travel to education, corporate to retail, telecommunications to real estate. We design and develop intuitive android apps that meet the business as well as client requirements in sophisticated and friendly manner. We design to engage clients and offer usability experience.

Our team of android developers from Nigeria realizes how important it is for you to develop and launch an app that is engaging, graphically elegant, and business centric. Hence, the team works diligently to confer you a robust, scalable and meaningful android solution.

We also create android responsive websites in order for you to reach out to the masses. We help our clients go mobile and get smarter technologically in all ways

What SOUTECH Offers?

SOUTECH has been delivering cost-effective but robust android apps and web development solutions to our clients for years. Our solutions are not just cost-friendly and innovative; it helps businesses in attracting more clients.

The android development services that we offer:

  • Build a cross platform mobile app
  • Convert iPhone app to Android app
  • Create a new Android Apps or games
  • Convert BlackBerry app to Android app
  • Create an Android optimized website

Our experienced android apps developers are capable of working on required APIs to provide desired results. They are equally good at creating iPhone and iPad apps or BlackBerry apps to Android apps. Explore our expertise in android application development to improve the bottom line of your business.

BlackBerry Apps Development

BlackBerry is reputed as a corporate mobile phone due to its extensive security system, qwerty keyboard and blackberry messenger. BlackBerry has always maintained its position in times of topsy-turvy in smart phone market. After capitalizing corporate world, BlackBerry has headed to common market full of youth who contribute 67% to overall smart phone market.

BlackBerry is expanding its business in the mobile phone arena by launching great, intuitive applications on its BlackBerry app store. These apps are finely designed and effective in terms of business usage. It has targeted both the corporate and common market. SOUTECH enables you to capitalize the opportunity to expand your consumer base by helping you launch mobile business applications, games and entertainment applications so as to cover all the user categories.

Why choose BlackBerry Application Development?

  • Business applications built on Java platform
  • Feature-rich and functionality based solutions
  • Faster Wireless Mobile data service
  • BlackBerry browser for quick webpage refresh.
  • Easy activated on a BES without doing wireless enterprise activation
  • Rich User Experience
  • Multi account support on single installation

Our BlackBerry Services

  • BlackBerry Application Enhancements
  • BlackBerry Application Migration
  • BlackBerry Application Development
  • BlackBerry Application Programming

Hire BlackBerry Apps Developer

From business application to VoIP, utility and communication applications, our BlackBerry developers are well equipped with requisite training and certification to create business centric user-friendly BlackBerry applications. Our BlackBerry developers are experienced with various successful projects so far to their credit. They can even provide mobile consulting if you are unable to decide as to which application category be profitable. We, at SOUTECH, give shape to your business ideas making sure the mobile application secures attractive ROI.

HTML5 Development from NIGERIA

HTML5 is the trend due to its incredible capabilities that benefit businesses manifolds from website designing to website applications. HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the fifth revision of the language known as ‘the language of web’ at the outset. The latest release of HTML has become the favorite of developers and web designers as it combines CSS and JavaScript to create simple, intuitive, and browser-friendly web Pages.

SOUTECH, based in Nigeria, has its strength in HTML development (both web and mobile) that it has proved time and again by producing world class results to businesses across the continents. Our expertise and years of experience has enabled our HTML developers and web designers to learn the new release of markup language i.e. HTML5 in no time.

HTML5 Development

Highly Compatible: Html5 is highly compatible with all the existing browsers, phones windows, and PCs.

Intelligent Interface: HTML5 is self sufficient when it comes to media on websites, as users do not require downloading SilverLight or Flash to run media on a website.

Geo-location Capabilities: HTML5 can be leveraged for mobile technologies and location based applications and tools. This is a mobile age and consumers are inclined towards geo-based tools. Barring this, HTML5 can be used for transportation applications, gaming platforms, and entertainment.

HTML5 Mobile Apps Development

  • HTML5 Development Services for iPad, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone
  • Extensive Expertise on HTML5
  • Consistent Technical Support
  • Consulting on HTML5 Development

HTML5 is an efficient multi-platform content enabler that can create elegant applications and tools for all the mobile operating systems available today such as Android, IOS and Symbian. Our experienced and professional mobile apps developers can create gaming solution for mobile devices as well as intuitive, cost-effective business applications.

iPad Apps Development

Apple took the world by storm with the launch of the smart hand held device that is capable of multi-tasking. With features like A5X systems, dual core processor, retina display, and HD video camera, iPad is a fully loaded device. iPad started to grip market and users from the day of its announcement. It has been generating surreal consumer demands.

The reason for its success lies in its cutting edge apps that span all genres including entertainment, games, business activities and communications.

Thus if you are:

Scouting to interact with your clients using new means?

Leveraging the mobile revolution to a great extent?

Would like to outshine your competitors and increase your market share technologically?

SOUTECH helps you with the solution. We help you with a robust iPad app or optimized web solution to outsmart your competitors and have an edge. We design apps that meet your business requirements and offer true mobile experience to your clients.

Our team goes for extensive research before finalizing the mock-up for the iPad apps for your business. The professionals learn the actual requirements of your business and its objectives in order to develop an iPad solution that is unique, engaging and innovative, yet cost-effective.

SOUTECH enables you to be the part of Mobile revolution.

Why Choose SOUTECH for iPad App Development?

  • A specialized team of certified iPad developers
  • Award Winning Apps
  • Best Infrastructure
  • On Time Delivery
  • 100% Transparency
  • Cost-effective Solutions

iPhone Apps Development

When it comes to smart phones, the first thing that flashes in the mind is Apple iPhone that has created new standards for smart phones arena. In just 6 years it has changed the way mobile communications happens across the globe sidelining a number of ruling majors..

Go Mobile. Reach Out to your clients.

The importance of iPhone apps cannot be ignored before making any digital marketing strategy for the year. iPhone apps development have gripped businesses around the world. Who does not want to be the part of iPhone revolution? Not only iPhone apps development, your business website needs to be iPhone optimized so as to reach to the huge client base that is available on iPhone devices.

From booking tickets online to communicating with friends to playing games and accessing bank details on mobile, users rely heavily on mobile phones. They need everything to be mobile

So, what are you waiting for? Go mobile.

Convert Your Business Thought into iPhone Apps

If you have any idea, our team of iPhone apps developers can convert that into a business application for your clients and your employees. SOUTECH is a trusted leader of iPhone apps development services. The team SOUTECH banks on has the exposure to various industries and has worked on numerous iPhone apps development projects with international clients. We have been acclaimed for our endeavors to create innovative, intuitive, and cost-effective iPhone applications. We design to the futuristic demands of our clients’ clients.

SOUTECH Provides iPhone Development Services:

  • Custom Apps Development
  • Software Support and Maintenance
  • Porting and Migration
  • Widget Development Services
  • Mobile Web Development Services

iPhone Apps Consulting

If you want to create an app for iPhone platform and have no idea on how to go about this, you have come to a right place. Our iPhone apps developers in Nigeria have required business acumen, market understanding, as well as the knowledge of what can be done in App Store. Looking at your target clients, our team will define and design an app for your clients at an affordable cost.

Other Mobile Apps Development Services:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps

After the Internet, clients have resorted to mobile for shopping and other activities. Their smart phones help them act smartly and work from wherever they are and also open up horizon for business to capitalize the opportunities. Mobile apps have become an easy means to keep in touch with clients 24*7 X 365 day

32% of mobile internet users go online using their smart phones, 1 in 8 page views is from hand held devices, around 65% of mobile phone time is spent on apps.Around 127.6 million mobile users in the U.S. and 108 million users in Europe consumed mobile media through their mobile browser or application in 2011, a 29% increase over 2010. The staggering statistics of mobile and mobile apps usage bring good opportunities for businesses to leverage on this soaring trend.

Where do you want to see your business in the year 2014?

Mobile application Development

At SOUTECH, we build intuitive, responsive, and business centric mobile apps for our clients from diverse businesses. Our mobile solution is one that helps you connect with your global clients in a mobile friendly manner. Ours is a solution that not only helps boost the bottom line of your business, but also expands the client base.

Design to Demand

Our mobile apps developers work with our clients to understand their specific business requirements in order to provide them with mobile application that suits their needs. The team that SOUTECH has employed has created numerous successful mobile applications for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, and large scale businesses across continents.

Windows Mobile App Development

After internet, mobile market has taken the world by storm with millions of apps connecting people, entertaining, educating, guiding them and bringing convenience of shopping with mere movements of fingers. There are other major mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry and IOS from Apple, but Windows phone has still maintained its position in the market with its intuitive applications that keep their clients engaged. With a motive to stand in the league of android and IOS, Microsoft has started to flex its muscles in the app market by launching Windows 8. With 120,000 apps and 75,000 approved apps developers Windows phones has just begun to gain momentum.

Windows Phone Apps Services Nigeria

SOUTECH has been offering windows apps development services for more than five years in Nigeria and internationally. We design apps considering our clients’ client base so that the apps keep them engaged. This brings clients closer to the brand and makes them loyal to it. We are committed to providing quality services at an affordable price. Our windows phone apps developers are experienced and certified who first understand our client’s business in order create a supple mobile solution for them.


  • Apps Development
  • Third Party API integration
  • Product Enhancement
  • Social, Utility Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Application Porting & Migration
  • Apps Testing

Hire our Windows phone apps developers from Nigeria

SOUTECH has created a team of windows apps developers who are skilled, trained and highly efficient to create applications of any type and size of any industry. They have extensive exposure to various industries across the world. Before they create an app for our clients, they create a mock up for the app for the client’s approval based on the business requirements analysis. Hiring a windows application developer from SOUTECH is not only affordable, but also an effective option.

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