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 SOUTECH Web Consults – (a smart and budding Information Technology (IT) firm with innovative, intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced consultants, trainers and developers.

To be efficient in IT service delivery and management you need core practical training from SOUTECH Web Consults to help you in:

–         Critical thinking and problem solving skills

–         Communication skills

–         Collaboration skills

–         Creativity and innovation skills


(1) Strategize with The Valuable Data and Analytics.

(2) Content Performance and Lead Generation( Get Real Targeted Clientele Database for Future Marketing)
(3) Improved Conversion Rates( Get More Sales compared to your efforts)
(4) More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing( Spend Less and Get Better Results)
(5) Higher Revenues( Make more money)


Who Should Take The Course?

–         Anyone responsible for developing or implementing your organization’s online strategy.

–         Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development or get more out of their Digital channels.

–         Marketers who want to fast-track their career or improve their position in the market-place.

–         Small Business owners who need to maximise online channels for growing their business.

–         Students who want to upskill in Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development and Website Design

–         You are smart enough to want to Learn to Earn….Yes you can!

We look forward to training you in the following courses.

Why should we train you?

We are industry experts and have deployed web solutions for clients across board and still counting.Inline image 1




This course provides a complete overview of all aspects of digital marketing and how to integrate and use them to achieve business objectives. It is designed to cover the complete marketing mix and be relevant across multiple roles and disciplines, whether client side or agency.

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Who should attend?


  • Marketers who have some experience in digital but want to grow their confidence
  • Those who may have only one perspective of digital, or be a specialist in one area of digital, and want to broaden their skill base
  • Those marketing and advertising professionalswho are new to digital and keen to learn how to leverage digital across a broad spectrum of channels
  • Those who are interested in seeing how digital is approached from both client and agency perspective.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scope of digital marketing and how it integrates with overall business and marketing strategy
  • How to assess various digital channels and understand which are most suitable to an idea or solution
  • Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing campaign, and be able to apply it to achieve your business objectives.


Core High Valued Highlights

– Learn to use over 20 Digital Marketing tools to get traffic and sales for your business or client

– Search Engine Optimization Masterclass

– eCommerce Masterclass

– Content Marketing Masterclass

– Email Marketing Masterclass

– Facebook Marketing Masterclass

– Growth hacking Unlocked

– Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing

– Use our 20 Digital Marketing Channels Blueprint to ace your first page on google (hack)


Course Outline


–         Fundamentals – Understanding consumers

–         How the online marking landscape is changing

–         Understanding consumer behavior and translating that into good customer experience.

–         Fundamentals – Content

–         Content strategy, planning, creation and designing for the brand

–         Channel constraints and video content,

–         Fundamentals – Data

–         What is big data and how can we use it?

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–         Metrics, measurement and evaluation.

–         Tools – Owned media: Website

–         Website development and responsive design

–         Designing for usability, function and effectiveness

–         Website Conversion funnels

–         Search engine Optimization.

–         Tools – Owned media: Mobile and email

–         Mobile sites and apps

–         Email strategy, designing for response, data management and the spam act.

–         Tools – Owned and earned: Social

–         Social platforms and an overview of how they are used

–         Social as an earned medium

–         Social media monitoring and community management.

–         Tools – Paid media

–         The paid media landscape, targeting, data and technology

–         Networks, affiliates, email lists and digital out-of-home

–         Paid search – how it works and search for mobile.

–         Applications – Managing digital marketing

–         Managing digital projects

–         Budgets, dashboards and templates

–         Applications – Campaign planning

–         Planning campaigns for awareness/branding, acquisition and retention

–         Applications – Optimization and emerging trends

–         Testing – A/B and multivariate and optimization

–         Emerging media, technology and trends.



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