Become your own boss: Digital Marketing Comprehensive training in Abuja,PortHarcourt,Lagos Nigeria- SOUTECH Web Consults

Become your own boss: Digital Marketing Comprehensive training in Abuja,PortHarcourt,Lagos Nigeria- SOUTECH Web Consults


Written by Vincent N. -App Developer Head @SOUTECH

The second half of 2017 is about to begin and all you do is sit down there counting your disappointments already? Oh, let me guess; you are still busy scouting offices with your resume. I must agree that applying for a wonderful job is beneficial, but why don’t you try a proposal instead? Chances of securing employment are smaller when you are just applying for a job like any other applicant, of course they are many to choose from. Believe it or not, it is a fact that chances are small for any reasonable boss to reject a proposal than an application. At least not when you propose a beneficial growth and cost effective marketing strategy to an organisation.


Well, good for you if you have heard of marketing and know how it works, that makes it easier. But we are not talking about spending 4 years in the university to study marketing, no. We are talking of spending only 5 hours to acquire strategic skills that will make you become you own boss in digital marketing. You do not necessarily need to be a marketer or study marketing. In fact, it has nothing to do with your field of study. Becoming a Digital marketer is as easy as sharing a picture on social media, only that you will need to apply some special skills to achieve specific results.


Simple, because the internet is there. Digital marketing has proven to be more effective than traditional marketing. For instance, it is cost effective in the sense that you do not necessarily need to spend a huge resource for one potential customer, unlike traditional marketing. Also, you can target your marketing to a specific group of people (Target Audience) who are likely to have interest in the product or service you are marketing. Digital marketing provides small and medium businesses the opportunity to compete and attract their share of targeted traffic. Sales and marketing processes that were previously available only to large corporations are now available to small companies due to digital marketing. Digital marketing also delivers conversion in the sense that success is being measured by percentage rate of incoming traffic and it’s converted into leads, subscribers and sales. So any organisation that wants a better return of investment (ROI), builds brand reputation, reach out to mobile consumers, earn customers’ trust and ensure online business survival will definitely want to listen to you when you mention digital marketing.


The good thing is, you will become an important player to any prospective organisation that finds your skills useful. Digital marketing is a process; it is not a one-time event, so you are always needed. You can do digital marketing from anywhere so far there is a computer device and an internet connection. You can choose who you work with as well as decide to work for as many organisations as you deemed if you decide to freelance. Unlike traditional marketing, you do not need to market product and service to people on the streets. You can also set up your own Digital Marketing Company and use your built-up marketing lists as a key tool. So what do you say?


At Soutech in five 5 hours, you will learn simple, but effective techniques that will yield results and how to use them practically. You will also learn how to use some digital marketing tools effectively, How to build and maintain re-useable customer list for continuous marketing. How to create effective (call to action) CTA and convergence. You will also be given a certificate of completion.

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