Professional Website Design Training in Abuja, Lagos and Owerri

A Comprehensive Web Design Training covering (Corporate Website Design, Blog and eCommerce Web Design)

Training Course Modules


  1. Introductory – Introduction

— Intro Slides

— Terms and meaning

— Intro to HTML and Little CSS

Assignment – Work with +10 Tags not used in Class


  1. Bootstrap – Introduction, what it is, Features

— Building a simple site with Bootstrap Template

— Assignment – Build two Simple website using any Template of Choice


  1. Bootstrap – Building with Bootstrap Components

— Assignment – Use all other components not used in class


  1. Introduction to JavaScript – what it is, its features, what can be done with it

— Basics, Variables, Data types, etc

Projects -> Sliders, Popups, Calculator


  1. Introduction to WordPress – what it is, its features, what can be built with it

— Top sites built with WordPress

— Building a simple blog with WordPress

Assignment – Add more Post and populate the site

By now we will all have our domain names and hosting ready


  1. E-commerce – Building simple e-commerce, store, adding products, different product types, Using some plugins – Share, download, watchlist, etc

Assignment – Add more Products and Install a theme for a different look and feel


  1. Corporate website – Build a simple corporate website using a free theme and page builder called Elementor

Assignment – Explore, use your ideas and Design a different page


  1. Plugins – All plugins needed to build a Full Fledge website with WordPress

— Explanations and guide on all

— Sliders, maintenance, Contact form, Live chat, Etc

Learn and Earn More-   Power BI Training: Data Analysis, Visualization, Sharing- Collaboration and Business Intelligence

Assignment – Work with those not done in class


  1. Building a multi-vendor store with Dokan 

In this class sessions students will be able to build a multi vendor/multi seller ecommerce website with payment integration.

— Adding Vendors

— Payments, etc

Assignment -Build a market ready multivendor eCommerce website


  1. Cpanel and Hosting – Domain name, Hosting, Terms you should know, SSL, Uploading website  (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, WordPress) Online


  1. Website Security – SSL, Hardening website with Sucuri, Word fence, Limit login attempt, etc

Assignment/Classwork -> Install, Activate, set up and work with them


  1. Business of web Design, Mentorship, Guide on Building yours, Questions and Feedback, Wrap up

Author: SouTech Team
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