Top 10 CSS Frameworks For Web Designer/Developer 2018

Are you a wonderful and overflowing Web Developer who can write thousands of line of codes in a few minute but when you show that developed application to the client, the next thing coming out of their mouth is that we love the functionalities but the design sucks?

You are not alone in that dream and world, Every web developers has experienced it in one way or the other but sit back and relax, I have a solution for the problem of having proper and sophisticated backend but ugly front end.

Front end development evolve around HTML and CSS where HTML is the structure while CSS is the layer which style and designs are connected to by the structure. Cascading Style sheets is one of the heartbeat of todays’ web application and modern web development due to the fact that it is the style that describe the frontend part of the website.


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Many developers are now sticking around most of these frameworks than the previous native css that we all know due to their efficiency and productivity.  The main reason why CSS frameworks are popular in web development now is due to its simplicity and ability to learn easily with a self- explanatory documentation.

Google ranks more than millions of websites across the globe and it is rare to find a website not built on CSS and CSS frameworks from a single page website to a big project web application. Web development is all about time management because as a web developer.

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You may have many projects at hand and how you manage your time reflects on the completion of such projects but with the introduction of modern CSS frameworks for designers and developers, It enables us to save time by smartly automating most of the lengthy tasks by providing stable ground work. CSS frameworks make our web application to be mobile responsive and friendly which in returns make your web application to be beautiful and appealing. Another overlooking usefulness of CSS frameworks is its browser compatibility which relieves cross-browser problems.

Top 10 Best CSS Frameworks for Web Designer/ Developer 2018

Listed below are the top 10 best CSS frameworks that makes life easier and pleasant for both designers and developers. So, let me walk you through each one of them so that you can take a look at each of them and know the one that you will use in that next project for making a wonderful design.

  1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most sought after CSS frameworks, It enables designers and developers to create a uniform platform with all basic styles and components needed when developing amazing features. Bootstrap helps to maintain major browsers and fixes any related CSS compatibility issues and beautiful UI that makes it possible for you to think outside the box. It helps to build responsive structure and styles for experiencing better mobile experience.

  1. Foundation

Foundation is one of the superb frontend framework. It is very much professional in terms of creativity and can be used for development of the web with multiple devices. It is modular and consists mainly of SASS-stylesheet.

Foundation is the one of the amazing frontend frameworks in the CSS frameworks.  It uses mainly Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS-stylesheets) making it to be modular. When you are thinking of creativity and trying to build or develop a web app for multiple devices, then Foundation CSS frameworks is the best suit for you.

  1. UIkit
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Uikit is an extremely modular and light weight framework when building web application that means to be loaded faster as we can need it or want it.  It is well structured and gives room for creativities and thinking outside the box. Moreover, It is just 2 years old in the market.



  1. Semantic UI

Semantic UI offers the designer or developer to use huge amount of customization beyond the other frameworks. It supports amazing and popular libraries, framework and content management system.





  1. Skeleton

One of the few lightest simple and responsive frameworks is Skeleton, It is just pure css which made it different from other frameworks. Skeleton is a superb UI elements with proper file structure.


  1. Bulma

Bulma is a modern css frameworks built on Flexbox which makes flexbox integrated when developing lightweight and responsive application. Flexbox makes it possible to build fancy designs and amazing features.

  1. Materalize

Materalize is a google product which was introduced to make designing easier for developers and designer making web application. If you are hoping to make a better and creative material design out of box, then it is good as well to go for Materalize which provides flexibility and extensibility which is modern.

  1. PURE

Pure.css is a powerful pack of CSS modules and can be used when developing and designing website project. It is so easier to create responsive buttons and other features. The only problem with pure css is that it doesn’t support Javascript and Jquery.



  1. Material UI

It is the second most used css frameworks developed by google material design with React. It provides great User Interface components. It has a lot of interactions with good beautiful animations.

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  1. Base Frameworks

Base was built with independent modules so that you can find it easier to customize any part of the framework that you want to use in your designing and development. It is really light and minimalistic in nature.



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