How to Choose a Technology Stack for Web Application Development in 2018

Are you planning to develop a top-notch web application that the technology stack behind it will be notch? Are you asking your developer what is the most important thing to consider when developing it? Let me tell you today that the choice of relevant tech stack selection for any small businesses or startups is challenging and tactful, since nearly small businesses usually have limited budgets and , the need for technology stack that will bootstrap the development of the software to get the projects off the ground is quite expensive.


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In website development and application development, the huge difference between successful and failed project is the ability to use right tech stack to its great extent while the use of wrong choice of tech stack can bring failure. Today, I am given you a shoulder like helping hand to reveal the criteria needed for choosing the best and good tech stack for that your next web application development

What are the processes of web development?

In web development, there are two sides of web development:

  1. The Client Side
  2. The Server Side

The client side can be called front end as well while Server side programming consists of application which is the back end that powers the whole application by interacting with the database and the server using it. By this head on, we can now explain the criteria needed for choosing best technology stack.

Client-Side Programming




Client-side or front-end web development is everything that the end users see when they visit your web application screen. There are major front-end technology stack components that you needed to know when selecting the appropriate stack

  1. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is used to style contents served by HTML who tells the browser what to display on the screen. One powerful technology stack that is needed is bootstrap.
  2. JavaScript (JS). When making website to be attractive and appealing then you will need JavaScript. There are many JavaScript libraries such as Jquery, Reactjs and frameworks like Angular, Vue and Ember for rapid web development.
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Server-Side Programming



Server-Side is the back-end programming that powers the client side but not visible to the users when they are interacting with the application. The main issue now lies in the choice of server-side technologies used in developing web application.

Server-side programming languages are used to create the logic behind the flow of the logic in the websites and applications. Many stack used for developing rapid applications are listed below with their major frameworks in brackets:

  1. PHP (Laravel,Codeigniter,CakePHP,Symfony,Zend,Phalcon,Yii,Aura,Fat-Free,PHP-MVC,Kohana,FuelPHP,Slim).
  2. Ruby (Ruby On Rails, Cuba, Nancy, Grape)
  3. Python (Django, Flask and Pylons)
  4. Java (Apache Structs, Vaadin, Grails)
  5. Scala (Play, Lift, Scalatra and Xitrum)
  6. node.js

After you have selected the array of server-side frameworks to use then you need to have a place where your data will be stored, and that’s where database comes in action. Database are separated into two types: Relational and Non-Relational.

Listed below are the common databases for web development

  1. MySQL (Relational)
  2. PostgreSQl (Relational)
  3. MongoDB (Non-relational)
  4. Oracle (Relational)

Website loading is a great asset in web application and caching system will enable the application to load faster and reducing the load on the database and enables the website to handle large amounts of traffic since it is already pre-stored on the users’ browser. Example of caching systems are Memcached and Redis

Which server should I use: There are two main players when talking about servers?

  1. Apache
  2. Nginx

To fully build that your next one in town application, you need to select the right server, database, programming language, framework and the best front end tools as well. When all of these technologies are used together, then we can say we have selected the right stack.

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Since you have read about technology stack and how to choose then based on what we are building, then I want to share with you how to never choose a web technology stack.

  1. Don’t Choose Based on Competitor’s Experiences: Remember that the goal of your project is really different from your competitor. Make sure that the technology stack you are going for is what you really need to use.
  2. Don’t Choose Based on Personal Preferences: I have seen it so many times when personal preferences are rely upon when selecting the best stacks of technology, however, there’s a pitfall.
  3. Don’t Choose Based on Previous Projects: Your past projects may be successful and you are thinking of using the stacks that you used in the new projects, but chill and relax and let me tell you something that you may not know. The stacks used in the previous projects may be outdated and not suitable for the new projects and moreover, the solution that the present problem needs might be different from the solution proffered by the past projects
  4. Don’t Choose Based on Online Research: The rate at which many surveys and comparisons are made online about all those technology stacks are overwhelming and different suggestions and findings are reported everyday online but please, don’t be carried away by these findings and reports because different approaches are needed to solve any particular problem and proper understanding of the solution needed can pave way for the best technologies to use.


Since we have discussed about how not to select the technology stacks to use, Let me know tell you the criteria needed to choosing a technology stack that your next web application needs


When planning on which technology stack to use and pick, we need to put into consideration the types of web application that we are building, which is subdivided into three types:

  1. Simple Web Application: These applications are the website created using CMS or simple stacks
  2. Mid-Level Web Application: These applications are the ones built on frameworks and bigger than simple web applications in modules and functionality.
  3. Complex Web Application: These applications are made using different web programming languages and frameworks. They are usually created by many developers and designers over a length period of time e.g fintech softwares
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The core idea behind selecting the right tech stack is that always choose the technologies that suits your project. Don’t rely on any time-proven technologies even if they have recorded success when using such technology.

The wrong choice of technology stack can bring financial losses, so if you are not experienced in website development then leave it for the professionals to choose.

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