Is website development a good career to choose?

What is a career? Career is a profession/occupation undertaken for either short or long period of time in person’s life and with opportunities to progress. Many vibrant young people always ask themselves when deciding on which part of software development careers they wanted to go into after mastering the elementary stages.


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It’s true and compelling that all careers in information technology like software development are very extremely lucrative and highly rewarding. But what is a “better career”, when we are comparing all the fields of software development like mobile app development, machine language learning and website app development?

Just sit back and relax as I will be given you five reasons why web development is the better career than any other career in software development.

  1. Endless Supply of Jobs.


I want you to think of anything and search for it using any search engine of your choice and tell me the numbers of website that you saw. You said millions of website right!!!!!!!!!.   Yes, I saw it as well when I was thinking of picking a career path in software development.

The need and arise for website or new features of already developed websites are becoming overwhelming and the demand for web developers and designers are huge which shows that it is not going down anytime soon unless the universe shuts down the internet. Every other software development careers has a low demand and it is shifted towards only one direction unlike web development that is too diverse like wind.

  1. Simpler To Do and Pays alot.
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Nothing interests the soul than the joy of being fascinated about the job that we are doing. It gladdens the heart and purify the soul because website development is too fascinating and proudly accepted in the peer group. Many other software development career paths always talk about it by liking it very much. I wouldn’t say that there are no challenging problems in website development but they are technical and with a little resources and experiences, you can do a project that looks like a mountain to you and get paid heavily.

  1. Simpler to learn.

Learning website development is like playing cards. It is so easier to learn than any other software development programming languages. Forget about all those syntax that looks like Arabic language to you because web development syntax is like writing a dialogue for a movie set and the arrangement of your syntax is so logical and charming. Meaning that writing codes in web development is the simplest tasks of any software development.

  1. Better Odds of Getting Rich.

In the game of betting, odds literally means the points accumulated per games which gives the gambler the head up on how much he can win right. Just like gambling, Web development also gives us the better odds and potentials of becoming a rich fella one day.  Let’s expatiate much on this fact now, nearly all the great products in the market now that are making huge amount of money are centered on web development. Facebook, Dropbox, Google and lots more are built using web development skills.

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The funniest thing about the odds are that the money are cornered around some customer-related idea and that means that you just need to know how to build web applications and the customers will be buying your products like cake baked with honey.

Another odds is that you can start with a little capital and see how it will boom into huge investment. I hope that Facebook and Paystack can testify into that assertion for me.

  1. Possibility is already known


Planning in web development is so crucial when developing web application because building the website functionalities need to be map out before setting out to coding, sketch the design for the feel and look of what the users will see on the front end is not beans talk. After the planning, then coding follows the planning.

Why I said that possibilities are already known is because you can visualize the end of the web application before coding and you know what you can do with the resources available and how to source for other resources for those that you can’t figure out how it is to be done.

You don’t have to do any extra planning after the initial planning and you just do your job every day by writing that clean and efficient codes and collect your salary straight. You already know how the exact functionalities you’ve planned and just code towards it. But it is not the case with other software development career.


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Author: SouTech Team
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