Choose A Framework for Your Next Hybrid Mobile Application Development Project

The framework is very important because it is responsible for the functionality and ease of design and development of the app. When making a choice of framework, it is important to consider ease of development, knowledge base, integrations, scaling and core functionalities. The right choice will play a significant role in how quick the project will be achieved.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps are typically developed using standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They consist of two basic elements, which are Backend and Native shell. These apps can run on all platforms and tend to provide access to API and access device storage, mic and camera, etc.

Some Popular frameworks for building hybrid apps are:


Ionic is an open-source framework prominent and a preferred choice for the majority of developers. Ionic work with angular and Apache Cordova to deliver native functionalities and the CSS portions can deliver a nice user interface. Ionic uses HTML, JSS, and JS as core languages for application development. With this framework, interactive apps can be created with several amazing features allowing scalability and easy UI prototyping. There are regular updates from the ionic developer community and apps developed on this framework deliver rich user experiences across screens. It is used mainly for developing cross-platform progressive and native apps.


Apache Cordova is an open-source framework for mobile applications and typically run HTML/JavaScript-based applications inside a special native container on a mobile device. PhoneGap supports the application of existing web development skills, in order to develop hybrid applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for multiple platforms quickly, and with a single codebase so you can reach your audience regardless their device. Access to underlying hardware such as the accelerometer, camera, and GPS is made possible with HTML5.

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PhoneGap developers don’t have to rely only on HTML and CSS to build the user interface, as the platform supports numerous frameworks and libraries including jQuery, AngularJS, and Knockout.js.



Xamarin is owned by Microsoft is generally chosen as a technology stack for the native cross-platform apps. Xamarin apps are coded in C# or .NET framework languages and then compiled with the native UI of iOS or the Android OS. One of the key features of Xamarin is the advantage of developing and testing an application along with checking it in the cloud and is also supports a cross-platform UI toolkit.

With a C# shared codebase, A Xamarin developer can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps. This also enables the coding to be facilitated with native user interfaces and easy code sharing across different app development platforms.


Framework7 an open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native user interface (IU). It is an essential tool for prototyping apps, to show working app prototype as soon as possible in case you need to.

Framework7 is targeted at giving a developer the opportunity to easily and clearly create iOS & Android apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Framework7 is focused on Google Material design to deliver the best user experience and simplicity.

This framework provides features such as native scrolling, library agnostic, pages transition animation. It also provides, hardware accelerated animations via CSS3, multiple views support, route pages by using the combination of XHR, caching, browser history and preloading.

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Originally created by Progress, NativeScript apps are built using mainly JavaScript, or any other language that transpiles to JavaScript, such as TypeScript, for instance. NativeScript supports JavaScript frameworks – Angular and Vue, with the help of a community-developed plugin. NativeScript delivers fully native apps, which use the same APIs as if they were developed in Xcode or Android Studio.

Additionally, software developers can re-purpose third-party libraries from Cocoapods, Android Arsenal, Maven, and npm.js in their mobile applications without the need for wrappers.


React Native which is one of the most popular and widely used cross-platform app development was introduce by Facebook. ReactNative is a framework used for creating Android as well as iOS apps, it has many advanced features and benefits to the developers globally.

ReactNative provides different tools for debugging and packaging making cost-efficient and time-saving. This formwork is easy to learn for beginners and allows developers to check how the code works on a screen of the device. The IDEs that support hybrid apps, also lend their support to this framework as well.


OnSen UI

Onsen UI is a relatively new open source framework under Apache license, currently giving a tough competition to Ionic. Onsen UI is framework-agnostic UI components that support other frameworks: Angular, Angular 2, React, Vue.js and Meteor which you can easily switch to, or use pure JavaScript to build your hybrid apps.

There large collection of ready to use components, responsive out of the box that allows you to build mobile easily and quickly, it allows you to code apps in HTML5 and JavaScript and use PhoneGap and Cordova for building the app.

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This framework is very easy to use, it is flexible with semantic markup components and free to use for commercial projects.


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