Preparing Your Windows PC for Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application development is the dream of most developers who intend to maintain the demand of real day to day business environment. Entrepreneurs and business owners today, have really develop some keen interest on Mobile apps. In-fact, if you clients and customers are not demanding for a mobile app and you still don’t have one yet for your business and services, then your marketing is totally off-balance.

Mobile Application development require some experience in few languages and skills such as HTML, CSS, Objective C, Swift, Java and most importantly JavaScript. Also, learning frameworks such as Angular and Ionic.  There are many mobile app development platforms and tools out there that is used for building cross –platform mobile application, some of which are proprietary, cloud-based, drag and drop, but I will not cover all in here. This article is focused on preparing your windows PC for building mobile application development using open source frameworks.

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System Requirement

Except you are an adventurous developer like me who multi-task a windows machine to perform different enormous tasks, else an Intel core i3 machine running on 4gb ram will be just fine. An i5 or i7 running on 64bit OS with almost 2GHz processors’ speed an about 8gb of ram will be suitable to handle big projects.


Most Mobile application development frameworks uses CLI (acronym for Command Line Interface), therefore using a command line tool is very important in mobile application development. The Windows OS is shipped with command lines tools such as the Windows Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell, but some frameworks require installing additional command line tools such as NodeJS Command or Git.  While Git might seem a little bit complicated to install, nodeJS command is very easy to install. To install NodeJS command simply log onto and download the current stable recommend version.

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There are lots of editors and IDEs to choose from when preparing your windows pc for mobile application. While IDEs might seem to be heavy on windows machine, there are some lightweight editors that are really good and has recommendations by most seasoned developers. Below are few of them:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime Text
  • VIM
  • Atom
  • NotePad++

Emulation and build

Sometimes, nicely built mobile applications doesn’t work pretty well on mobile for some reasons. So it is a good practice to always test your app using a mobile phone. But wait! You can also make use of emulators. Android Studio will work fine for android while Smartface and MobiOne Studio are good for IOS. An emulator allows the developer to experience how the application and its features will function on an actual mobile device.


Mobile Application is becoming a norm requirement for most businesses and organisation. Almost every organisation out there wants to own a mobile app. The demand for mobile app development has rapidly increase over the years, which is why Soutech Web Consult has prepared an intensive Mobile App Development Training just for you.



Author: SouTech Team
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