I want to be a better website programmer: Top Career Boosters for Programmers

I have almost spent 6 years of experience as a website application programmer and during that time of learning and putting what I have learnt into practice I already been in many situations that grew up my career as a professional programmer.

Are you planning to grow fast as a software developers that you are looking up to? Then relax and grab a cup of tea while I take you through the tips that you can start applying today.

Seeing your colleagues as a team member not as a competitor

That moment when the CTO announces the completion of that wonderful project delivered by a colleague programmer and you started feeling bit jealous or tensed about the colleague because he has done something interesting and amazing but you wished it was you.

I know that nearly all of us will do that because it is from our human nature and especially from what the society passes to every human being, but if you think about it well, doing such can’t bring any joy and advantage to you. It is really bad for your career and you should understand that working with amazing things will also make you to do something similar.

Start by chatting with that colleagues, share and brainstorm some ideas, try to ask for advices and also learn how to offer help. Many healthy companies will provide environment that makes the process to be natural and easier to do.

Seeing your colleagues as an allies instead of enemies will go a long way of building a network of people that you will enjoy working with and this can be valuable in your future


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Seeing your programming language as a tool

Programming language is like a tool that every developers will use to aid the ease of doing wonderful jobs but many programmers has idolized such tool to the extent that they are either bad in using such tool or over skilled in using it.

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Actual it may be a pain in the ass when learning new languages but I will advise any developer to learn a new language that can be used to comprehend what you have already learnt. Picking a new language that has a link with the language that you are proficient in will be a better solution than picking a far-fetched languages that will need another period of self-training.

Web developer should spare little time to learn up to two frameworks that can make the development faster and also learn the latest database engine that few other developers are learning.

So learn new concepts, new algorithms and programming languages and take off yourself from any programming slavery.

Evaluating Yourself upon Each Project Completion

Life is like a mirror and you don’t need anybody to tell you how to look like since the mirror can show you how you looked. Every developers would have in one way or the other completed a project and feels on top of world but one thing that always baffle me whether we do access ourselves after the project completion.

It is always good when you look into the project again and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did I build this application based on the estimated budget?
  2. Did I build this application based on the estimated time?
  3. Did I build this application based on the resources I suppose to build it with?
  4. Did I build this application based on the client requirements?
  5. Did I build this application based on the right coding convention and standard?

If “No” was the answers to any of the questions, then you need to learn how to tackle such questions when building your next application because it is only when you provide “Yes” to any of the questions that you can see yourself as the developer ready to grow fast.

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As long as you give everything to your self-development, and you learn how to value your evolution as a programmer and you know deep inside yourself that you too got a pace to work on and with the pace in action, you will be able to tolerate yourself and be open-minded

Seeing your values as a Professional

Have you ever being given another programmer’s project to build upon or co-work on it for the company you are working for and the next thing that crosses your mind is that “I will rather start afresh than continue with this project”. Such programmer didn’t see its values as a professional one because every developers should have the mindset of building web application that any other developers can pick at once and continue from where you started.

Developers should learn how to choose better names for variables and functions because it is inside your functions that the methods exists and with a bad naming convention, then the whole project will look like a poo that nobody wanna play with.

Take your time and think deeply before naming anything. Moreover, give your colleagues the grace to go through your codes and see if they can read it well.

Every developers love to see a well-built foundation so that it will be better for them to erect their own building on it.

Another thing is when you see a bad coding project, don’t build on it without correcting such bad practice so that the other new developers can give credits to you.

Tackling Your Soft Skills

Yes, we are programmers who don’t have a life but we can learn how to find liveliness in our lifeless life. You can code all the day long but forgetting to say hello to the ones dyeing to give you happiness even when you are not with them.

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Many of us are shy and introvert because we spent much of our times talking and staring at that wonderful screens for long period of times but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight that dark side of ours so that we can learn how to give happiness to those who are always bringing happiness to us.

I remembered that I force myself to overcome shyness which now enables me to see the compensation for the journey and for the returns.

Learn how to tackle your weaknesses and turn it to a stepping zone. You will end up in many comfort zone as a developer which a single programming language can give you the glitter of gold but you need to learn how to manage the situations because comfort zone is just a temporary place to hide.

You need to find values and attach it yourself because at the end of the story, you will have recompensed by this altitude.


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Author: SouTech Team
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