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The Mistakes Every Beginner Programmers Must Make and How to Prevent It

I have made these mistakes as well in the past when I was still a beginner but it took me so long to spot the mistakes and started avoiding them in the project I am doing later on. How did I avoid them right? It is as simple as anything because once you start having the perfect coding habits then the mistakes will be spotted even before falling into the trap because the right ways of writing codes will be glued to your brain and all the coding practices will be coming after the other when developing applications.

These mistakes are written just the way I can still remember them and it is not in any order of preference.

  1. Code Writing Without Planning


Planning is the bedrock of any activity in this universe. Ask a man of his next 10 days activities and the unplanned ones will tell you that they plan when the ice block is about to melt. Hello my wonderful reader, Code writing is like a process that needs to be mapped out with optimum planning because a programmer without planning is like a hunter shooting at a group of birds without having a direction ,may end up killing none.\


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Code writing follows six golden rules:

 Think -> Research -> Plan -> Write -> Validate ->Modify

I can remember how I often start writing code without planning and it works for smaller projects but once it is for bigger projects, It always fail me because I didn’t plan to gather all the requirements and specifications I may need when writing the codes. Coding is also like “communication” where you need to think before saying anything that you may regret, so plan before you write that code not to regret that you have written that code.

Forget about the number of lines it takes you to write that project because programming is not about the number of lines of code but how logical and creative you are when thinking about how to plan that next line of coding.

  1. Over Planning is too Bad
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We all know that too much of something is not good, then why are you spending all the days on that plan when you can go with the good-enough plan that you can later scale(improve upon) once you have planned the best approach not the bad approach that took all the time.

Don’t worry yourself about selecting the best plan when you can easily turn the table around once you finish up with one meal for the next meal. The software engineering process is called Waterfall Approach which literally means that you are progressing on the coding one after the other.

Nearly all  the robust application in the market now are coded using Waterfall approach which enables the coders and programmers to move to one point of the development bit by bit and even when it is time for scaling, they can easily pick the part that needs scaling.

Don’t plan how to build that whole application at once rather plan how the next part of the application will be coded and you will be marveled how the whole application fuses together and a complete application was built successfully.

You will add features that was not planned from the initial planning because software development is responsive in nature and you need to be dynamic when planning the process because you will end up adding new features to the application and also removing some features that you believed is not needed in the application. Bugs and errors will be fixed day in day out. Just know that little planning and over planning will hurt your code and bad coding practices will hurt the productivity of your output.

  1. I Don’t Need my Code to be Quality

What is code quality? Code quality simply means readability. Have you ever being on code peering platforms like or and by just reading through the codes, you can quickly say what the code is all about and how the flowing of the coding will be. Yes, that is the level of code quality and readability.

I need to let you know that I have also made that mistakes when I started programming as a beginner and it was too frustrating because to refactor such codes will be difficult and when you give it a trial, then you will see how far you have messed up because you can’t be able to understand what the variables in the code are doing due to poor handwriting on the code.

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When writing that your next application code, please make it to be readable as much as you can and even ask that co-programmers to read through the source codes and tell you what they understood in the source code. Doing that can give you a kick in the ass or handshake in the hand or even a pat on the back!- Smiles...

When writing codes, always makes sure that the highest characters on a single line should not exceed 60 characters because it becomes header to read.

When using conditional statements, always make sure that each lines are indented so that the flow of interpreting the next statements will be easier.

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  1. First Solution is Always the Best

The first thinking is always the trap of imaginary mind because it will imprison all other thinking that can solve the problem. So, please don’t rush in using that first solution that comes into your mind because it can never solve the problems.

Having many solutions to pick from can bring an everlasting and best solution in programming because each solution will have a distinct way of approaching the problems and you can now pick array of solutions into one powerful one. I learnt even over the period of time that if you discovered that you don’t have solutions to the problems then that means that you don’t even understand the problem at hand.

Try as much as possible to look for all solutions and weight them per six golden rules: Think -> Research -> Plan -> Write -> Validate ->Modify.

Your job as a programmer is to find a solution to a problem and the solution must be durable and conform to test of time.

  1. Perseverance


Quitters don’t win while Winners don’t quit is that popular proverb that is ringing the bell of perseverance to our ear every day. As a young programmer, you will be tempted of quitting programming after spending countless of night solving many problems that keeps on showing different type of bugs which will look like a jargon to you.

Please relax and take a deep breath because you are not the only one in the shoe, even professional programmers always use more than two weeks to fix a bug but why did the professional don’t quit? It is just because they have gone too far to turn back. So, listen to me today and pick up yourself to tackle that bugs given you sleepless night and telling you to quit.

  1. Not using Internet Resources


If you are taught by a person how to do something, you will say I was taught by a soul but let internet teach you how to do something then you will say billions of people taught me how to do it. I can’t count the countless number of times I have used internet resources to solve problems that proves stubborn but when I was still a beginner programmer- I will be hitting my laptops like a drummer because I didn’t know where to source for help when I needed it because my mentor can’t be online always and he too might be having bugs in his own fantasy as well.

When I started embracing the use of internet, then I started improving and seeing the best ways to write codes and present everlasting solutions.

Moreover, Never think that you know what you are doing if you want to be a creative programmer.

Thanks for reading what I have passed through during my period of being a beginner and I want you to please try as much as possible to know the trap and learn how to afford it.

Thanks for reading, Always check back for inspiring contents!


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