Seven (7) Practical Guides To Learning The Basics to Advanced of Web Programming

You are inside that bus and everybody started talking about ICT and how ICT has been the bed rock of their day to day living but you are there whispering to yourself “How can I learn how to code”. Your inner self was passing the energy to you but you are still wasting your time and the manifested energies because you can’t stop asking yourself “How can I learn how to code”.

Forget about that age, if that person can do it, you can do it as well. You are always hearing about HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Python and how successful startups like Facebook and Nairaland are developed and managed but you don’t know anything about it. But what you really want to know is that you wanted to learn how to write codes and apply logic when solving the programming tasks and you have decided to learn about “code” and web programming courses in Nigeria .

As everybody has done in one way or the other, you typed “How can I learn to code” or “How to build web application” on Google search engine and you saw over 860,000 results: a lot of training schools, textbooks and eBooks but you are lost and don’t know where to click or turn to.


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Sit back and relax: I will show you seven proven ways to break down the process of learning programming.

  1. Establishing Powerful and Strong Learning Goal:


In the game of soccer, a maximum of 22 players are on the pitch moving up and down using coordinated directions to achieving one similar goal and achievement: Winning but it will not be possible if there wasn’t a goalpost because the running up and down of each players will never be coordinated because there wasn’t a goalpost that can bring out the winning and achievement that the teams needed. Yes, that is my point……. How do you establish the learning goal? An effective learning goal should be a personal project that you are always fascinated to build: It can be a prototype of the personal projects and you will be refactoring it as time goes on. Try to plan a well-defined learning goal which makes learning programming to be measurable and helps you to be persist when learning goes more complicated

  1. Overview of the course materials and outlines before learning
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Now that you have selected the best course materials and learning tools, Please take your time to read through the course overview and outlines so that you can have the pictures of what you are about to learn. Programming is a broad course, and I would advise to narrow it down to web development since you are a newbie but set up a plan that you are going to be a “full stack” after a while so that you can be versatile.

  1. Start with HTML, CSS and PHP

Why I selected these  scripting languages is because they are the building blocks of any web development code base and after you have mastered the three, then you can now still learn other related scripting languages.


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  1. Building Curriculum to guide your learning and measure your progress

Don’t be carried away by the tons of materials available online and the outrageous numbers of courses available at cheaper rate like but with a good curriculum set up, then the materials can be consumed since you can measure how far you have gone.

  1. Optimize your learning by using the method used in some questions and answers websites like stackoverflow. People always say that “experience is the best teacher” and “necessity is the mother of invention and laziness is the father “. Learning programming can come up with many techniques and approaches but adopting the safest and fastest one is the best approach. You will read many solutions and how they are arrived at but you must also apply such method if you know that the new approach is better than the one you have done.
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Here are the few common strategies to improve your problem-solving skills:

  1. Always visualize problems and utilize conceptual thinking to arrive at solutions
  2. Divide the knowledge into small parts and apply each per problems
  3. Failure will knock at your door many times than success, so get set to embrace it and learn how to overcome it
  4. Use analogies when looking for best logic to solve a problem
  5. Use recall not cramming after you have learnt something
  6. Memorize the steps by steps of writing codes instead of trying to learn syntax by heart.
  7. Find a close friend to learn with, so that you can both interact and find solutions to problems differently
  8. Forget about the end products, just focus on the process. It is when you get the process well then the end products will be superb
  9. Set regular goals and be SMART
  10. Learn by doing and practicing.

Let me give you a clue today, do you know that the more you are practicing the more the codes will be sticking to your brain. You will be remembering the steps by steps of writing codes by not memorizing the syntax because you will be familiarized with the flowchart and pictorial representation of the arrangement of the coding syntax. You can spend time building projects

  1. Learn from senior programmers

Programming needs mentorship and the advice you get from the senior programmers will be of greater value for you and don’t be intimidated by any genius programmers because it started one day like you and be opened for bugs in your application. Safe journey into the world of programming.

The main indicators of success when learning any programming languages are motivation and persistence, once you lose the two, then to achieving success will be blur.

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As long as your taste for learning new things are increasing and appealing, being motivated to coding regularly will set in and you will be willingly to be writing codes. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking about which resources to choose , which language should I start with and which technology should I embraces because you are really wasting time and resources which is not good.

I can’t promise you that it will be smooth and easy during the process of learning how to code but in times with perseverance, the sky will be your starting point because you will now the reaching for overarching goals and you will be taking them one after the other. You will be making huge continuous progress and you need to be motivated and persevering until the end which justifies the means

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