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Web Development with PHP/MySQL is designed to provide essential skills and hands-on experience in developing dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL. The course will introduce students to PHP programming language and MySQL database administration, SQL database language and web development principles. Upon completion of the course we expect students to be able to create powerful and dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL.


1 Month

Course Objectives

By the completion of the Web Development with PHP/MySQL course you should be able to:

  • Understand the usage of PHP and MySQL in dynamic web development.
  • Understand PHP language data types, logic controls, built-in and user-defined functions.
  • Be able to setup and configure MySQL, PHP, Apache web server development environment.
  • Select, insert, update and delete data using SQL language.
  • Understand Object oriented programming paradigm in PHP.
  • Build a simple, yet functional web application using PHP/MySQL.


This course is geared toward the “newbie” in PHP and MySQL, bringing many of the concepts and code snippets to the most basic level. Students might have some experience with Web site development concepts and a basic working knowledge of HTML. Knowledge of other programming languages besides PHP is not a prerequisite for this course, but certainly any programming experience you have will help you understand and apply the concepts.


Introduction to Building Dynamic Websites

  • The Big Pictures
  • How PHP and MySQL Work Together
  • Lab: Setup Development Environment

Introduction to PHP

  • Variables, Built-in Data Types and Operators
  • Control Flow
  • Error Control
  • Lab: Define Data Types, Apply Flow Control
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PHP Functions

  • Built-in and User-defined Functions
  • Function Definition and Scope
  • Arguments and Return Value
  • Lab: Use Built-in Functions, Build a New User-defined function

PHP Arrays

  • What Arrays Are
  • Array indexing by Number and Key Value Pair
  • Lab: Passing and Returning Data Using Defined and Global Arrays

Introduction to MySQL

  • Database Design with MySQL
  • Creating Databases
  • Connecting to Database Server

SQL Language

  • Databases, Tables, Columns, MySQL Data Type
  • SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE Statements


  • Connecting from PHP to MySQL Database
  • Executing SQL Queries from PHP
  • Processing Query Results

PHP and Object Oriented Programming

  • Benefits of OOP
  • Class Definition, Access Modifier
  • Class and Interface

Using Regular Expressions

  • Introduction to Regular Expresions
  • Using Regular Expressions for URL Rewriting

Introduction to PHP Framework Development

  • Introduction to Laravel Frameworks
  • Introduction to Codeigniter Frameworks

Project: Web Application Projects

1.       Development of SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update and Delete) application

Creation of a simple to-do list application

2.                 Blog Creation (CMS)

Development of Content Management System like wordpress

 3.              Document Management System (File Manipulation)

Images and files processing

4. Hospital Management System (Database Driven)

Different Userlevel Account creation

5.Email Management Portal (Email Piping, mail function and PHPmailer usage)

Email Processing using the three popular ways (Diverting email messages into database, using PHP mail function to send messages like confirmation, using PHPmailer to send messages over localhost)

 6.     Rate my teacher (Counter Integration)

Ability to do counter off records in the database using functions

7.       School Payment Portal (PAYMENT API)

Paystack API integration

Voguepay API integration

8.       Web application telling visitors of things to do in their location (LOCATION API)

Using of Google map API to determine current location latitude and longitude

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Using Facebook API to show interesting things about the place

9.       Chat Integration using (Chat API)

Registering on platform and going through it dashboard

Getting its API and setting it up on our own web application

 10.     Membership Restriction Portal (Database Driven)

Ability to make their user managements and now restrict based on user type

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