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Web Development with PHP/MySQL is designed to provide essential skills and hands-on experience in developing dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL. The course will introduce students to PHP programming language and MySQL database administration, SQL database language and web development principles. Upon completion of the course we expect students to be able to create powerful and dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL.


This software development training is project oriented.

Software Development

  1. SDLC and Agile Soft Dev- 5 SRD Task
  2. PHP Fundamentals – 5 Mini Projects
  3. MySQL Blueprint – 5 Mini Projects
  4. CRUD/Dashboards/Bootstrap Project Set up- 5 Tasks
  5. Mgt System Developments

– Blog

– Ecommerce

– Hospital


– Git and Github(3 Projects)

  1. Software Testing/Migration/Hosting
  2. Web Security Fundamentals

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