Data Science and Visualization with R Programming- Abuja Lagos Owerri Nigeria

R (programming languageR is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis.

R is not only entrusted by academic, but many large companies also use R programming language, including Uber, Google, Airbnb, Facebook and so on.

Data analysis with R is done in a series of steps; programming, transforming, discovering, modeling and communicate the results

  • Program: R is a clear and accessible programming tool
  • Transform: R is made up of a collection of libraries designed specifically for data science
  • Discover: Investigate the data, refine your hypothesis and analyze them
  • Model: R provides a wide array of tools to capture the right model for your data
  • Communicate: Integrate codes, graphs, and outputs to a report with R Markdown or build Shiny apps to share with the world

Program starts with basics of R Programming, evolving into How to work with Data in R; Importing the Data, Preparing the Data, Analysing the Data in R and Visualization of the results in R.

  Learning Objectives

1. Understanding of R System and installation and configuration of R-Environment and R-Studio

2. Understanding R Packages, their installation and management

3. Understanding of nuts and bolts of R:

a. R program Structure

b. R Data Type, Command Syntax and Control Structures

c. File Operations in R

4. Application of R Programming in Daily life problems

5. Preparing Data in R

a. Data Cleaning

b. Data imputation

c. Data conversion

6. Visualizing data using R with different type of graphs and charts

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7. Applying R Advance features to solve complex problems and finetuning R Processes

Training is very hands on and with loads of project- mentorship during and after training.

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