Ethical Hacking , Data Science, Digital Growth Hack Workshop in Owerri- SOUTECH Hub

SOUTECH Hub will hold a 1 week Workshop- Training Program in the City of Owerri, Imo State
Session 1. Ethical Hacking- Network and Web Security Training – 2-4th Dec(1-6pm daily)
*Comprehensive Element of Information Security Training -Info Sec Process Dev and Implementation
* Security Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Hackathon
* Kali Linux Kit- Over 600 Hacking Softwares + more.

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Session 2. Data Analysis For Research Project Management(Research Design, Data Management and Statistical Analysis) 5-7th Dec (1-6pm daily)
* Python, SPSS and Advanced Excel Training Handson with Case Studies
* Undergraduate,Post Graduate and Research Insight for Tech, Academic and Business Data Insight
Session 3. Growth Hack for SMEs: How to Make Your First 6 Digits Earning and grow active clientele base to 100 Monthly- the 80-20 rule. 7th Dec 8am-12.30pm
* How to automate your digital marketing skills and scale any start up to be profitable
*Bootstrapping and Growth Strategies for SMEs
*19 Digital Marketing Blueprint on how to rank any business within 60 Days on Google 1st Page Guaranteed.

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Session 4. Project Management Skills for Teams and Start Ups (Enactus Sponsored Event- FUTO)- only by invitation
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Want to learn? See course details- over 20 Tech Skills

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Author: SouTech Team
Soutech Ventures is primarily an Information Technology Firm, which was created to be the numero uno in business promotion development & implementation, eBusiness & IT systems integration and consultancy industry of the Nigerian Economy and to partners worldwide. Our Core strengths are - Tech Trainings and Certifications - Data Analytics and Cybersecurity Solutions - Software Development & Deployment for SME & Govt. - Tech Internship, HR & Partnerships
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