5 Things You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels

5 Things You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels

It’s a big step… going solar. I mean you start to become conscious of your energy use and everything changes. The way you feel about using energy changes. I mean not only does it give you a good feeling for not having to pay those blasted tyrant power companies wads of cash every quarter, but you also feel a little warm fuzzy feeling for doing something right for the environment.

You don’t have to be a “greeny” to know that using coal is not the way of the future (sorry Mr. Abbott). So anyway, if you’re reading this, you’re probably considering going solar. Which is a step in the right direction? So let’s get right into it. What are these 5 things you need to know before installing solar?

Is your house suitable for solar?

This is clearly the first thing you will need to know before installing solar Panels. So how do you know if your house is suitable for solar? Well here is a list of “indicators” on what to look for to check that your house is well-suited for solar:

  • Minimal shading –Obviously solar panels don’t work great in the shade. The more direct sunlight, the better. So if your house is sitting in the shadow of a sky-scraper or was built next door to a colosseum, you might need to find a new home before going solar!
  • Your power bill –How much will you save by installing solar? Solar doesn’t work out great for everyone ALL the time.

Which Panels / Inverter Should You Buy?

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There are loads of different solar panels and inverter brands. Here are some useful rules to follow when choosing a solar panel or inverter:

Solar panels:

  • Choose a company which has been around a long time.
  • Don’t worry where the panel came from, most come from China, US, Turkey and many countries known for manufacturing
  • Steer clear of panels which try to disguise as being European or having some special properties.
  • Don’t pay top dollar – get a few quotes and choose a reasonable price and a good product.


  • If you’re living in the house for a long time into the future, then pay top dollar and get a great product.
  • If you’re buying for a rental property or aren’t staying long, get a cheap panel with good warranties.

What Warranties Should You Get?

Typical panel warranties

  • 10 years (on the product – free from defects)
  • 15 years (on the performance of the panel @ 90% of its peak)
  • 25 years (on the performance of the panel @ 80% of its peak)

Typical inverter warranties

An inverter typically has between 5 and 10 years as a standard warranty and can be upgraded to up to 25 years.

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