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Career Tips: Stop Searching for job, let the jobs come to you

Nothing feels good like waking up in the morning and receiving an email or SMS from a reputable organisation that “you are needed for immediate employment”. Yeah, how about an increase on your desired or stated take-home pay? Believe it or not, it does happen, not only in the movies but in real life. Being good at what you are is not only about a rhetorical philosophy, it is more of doing it than thinking of doing it. There reason many people still search for a job today is because they aren’t doing what they needed to do or what is required to land them the job.

The first Step

There are ways by which you can make jobs look for you, but everything has a starting point. While formal education is a priority and basic need for any individual, the world record still has it that most successful didn’t just make their mark out of what formal education gave them. They research, analyse and act. You can just sit down and expect a job to look for you when you are still struggling to get one with your “Static CV”.

Talking about research, the world is vast evolving. We have witness automated machines replacing the traditional teller positions in the financial institutions. The world is going smart, you should if you want to keep up with the pace and do not forget to follow the trend. Informational technology has significantly changed the way we think, live and do things. One thing that can be applied to any activity, process or function is Technology. So, I would say adapting to Information technology as a fundamental aspect of your career is the first step to take.

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What Can I do with Information Technology?

Like seriously, do people still ask this question in today’s world? There are tons of things you can do with I.T. and I would say a lot of them hasn’t even been invented yet. Heard of Mark Zurchaberg? He is termed one of the most influential people in the world. He did not study psychology, he learned how to code and put it in use, then it gives birth to Facebook, he nurtured it and it blooms.  Information technology is very complex which is why I am limiting this article to programming and applications development. Tactically, I would say programming remains the vital and integral part of I.T. For instance, what makes a computer function as an operating system (OS), is a programmed software with specific written instructions to accept user inputs and execute commands. Most programming languages were conceived to solve the need of automation and increase productivity.

Unmanned aircraft (drones), robotics, machine learning, mobile applications, web applications, agricultural analysis, gadgets, forecasting, process automation, etc. are among the things you can do with information technology.

Turning the table around

One good thing about information technology is that learning processes of some phases in I.T are somewhat affordable and easy to skilled. If you are into financials for instance, it will take you less than 2 weeks to learn how to use the Microsoft Excel effectively at Soutech Web Consult.

Soutech also offers the following I.T. pieces of training: CEH, Web Applications Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Digital Marketing, etc. These trainings are affordable and easy to grasp, but the question is; are you ready to act?

Soutech Career Tips

 how to change your resume

Although many available vacancies today require computer literacy, the fact remains that almost all organisation desire to go digital. Employers see your resume as someone who needs their impact, rather than a key player that will impact in their organisation, because you resume reads like any other individuals’. Changing the way employers look at your resume is simple, learn a skill, practice it, be good at it, prove yourselves and land you a job. Some high demanded positions include; I.T personnel, digital marketer, application tester, front-end developers, database administrators, Web designer, and administrator, to mention few with a lot of start-ups seeking for applications/products that could give them leads.

What Next?

How about moving from unemployed to a freelancer? Another good thing that comes with I.T skills is that it gives you the opportunity to choose who you work for. There are many freelance portals where you can showcase your skills, knowledge and services for hire. Websites, where you can also sell your developed scripts and software, are available.

So which one is you; act now and turn the table around, or keep doing something you have been doing over and over again, expecting a different result?

Want to become a Hacker? What you must do!- Soutech Ventures CEH training

You are a beginner whose intention is to learn how to hack but you’re wondering where to start from. If you are in this category, then I’ve got your back, you are definitely in the right place. If you’ve noticed, most of the free books and resources on hacking you may find on the internet are actually crafted for persons with some level of knowledge in the specified subject area. These materials do not give a comprehensive knowledge of the hacking scheme.

This is however the reason why I have decided to post something for the beginners and anyone who needs to start their journey into the hacking world and being hackers. I am going to describe a few requirements and the basic things to do to make the journey a pleasant experience for you.

 What is the Best way to Learn hacking as a beginner?

Here are a few steps; Lets go-

STEP 1: Start with the Basics

I will in my usual way always advice beginners who have had a little or not even a slight knowledge of hacking before to begin from the basics. Do not just learn how to hack anything but you can instead start exploring or doing some research about topics in IT such as computer networks, network services and common ports (FTP, TCP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS etc.), firewalls, some common and widely used network protocols, IP addresses. You can also their working mechanism.

You may also learn about some operating systems such as Linux which is one of the basic operating systems useful in the hacking environment. Just so you know, the more you know about the basic working principle of IT-related topics and concepts, the easier it becomes for you to find vulnerabilities and device exploits. This will also go a long way to help you when applying your hacking techniques in practice. Hacking covers the weaknesses or vulnerabilities in every field in IT, so you need to some extent a good background in basics. So begin your research now.

Step 2: Get a reliable and good source to begin your learning

If you desire to have a fair knowledge or basic hacking and the trending technologies in the IT field, there are books online and websites that can equip you technically. These books can also give you some technical background in vulnerabilities and any possible ways to exploit these vulnerabilities. However, it can be very difficult to find such books and web resources that can directly teach you how to hack from the basics in a simple and easy way.

If one has a fair amount of experience in the field of hacking, there exists so many books and websites that give out technical information on latest vulnerabilities along with possible ways to exploit them. However, for beginners it is hard to find sources that teach hacking right from the basics in a simple and easy to follow manner.

Step 3: Learn a programming Language (Optional)

Learning a programming language keeps you a step ahead of any hacker and any acquired skill. There are a lot of readily available programs and ready-made tools that can give you easy access to hack, it is always better to have some basic knowledge of programming scripts and languages like JavaScripts, PHP so that you can be in a position to manufacture you won tools in order to exploit codes. Like I said in the heading of this step, it is totally optional, there are very hackers who do not major in programming.

Step 4: Enroll for an Enthical Hacking Course

One of the courses that has been structured to give you apt and excellent knowledge and skill in hacking is the EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course. There are other courses that are in this line such as CISSP which is governed by another body. But CEH is a basic start for you if you must learn about hacking and be very grounded. CEH v9 offers about 19 modules that are well structured to cover all the IT fields.

If you are in Nigeria and in the cities of Abuja and Lagos precisely and you intend to take up a CEH course, you can call us today at Soutech ventures or visit our website. You have every information you may need. We have experienced and certified tutors in this field that can teach you with clear and simple breakdown of concepts of the CEH syllabus. So be sure you have made a right choice in Soutech.

How Long does it take to be a Good Hacker?

I always tell my students that hacking cannot be mastered overnight and the process must never be rushed. It is a field that combines in-depth knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and a great deal of time to be invested. It may take between a few months to a few years to develop and be skillful in hacking depending on the time and effort you invest. Infact, everyone can become very skillful but it depends on the on how they learn and their foundations they build. The foundation you give yourself matters a great deal, if the foundation is lagging in a certain aspect, you will have issues in understanding and working on some technical details. So, if you want to become a good hacker, all you need is the passion to learn and a good source of knowledge that will help you understand the basics added with some level of patience and perseverance.



Professional Training Videos for Microsoft, Comptia , AutoCAD, Graphics and Branding, SPSS, Motivational in Abuja, Nigeria

Soutech Ventures is primarily an Information Technology Firm, which was created to be the numero uno in business promotion development & implementation, eBusiness & IT systems integration and consultancy industry of the Nigerian Economy and to partners worldwide.
We have over 50+ discounted training kits on any industry subject: DVD Packs( Minimum 20hrs training hands-time videos)

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Cost: 6,500 Each including next day shipment via courier

Payment can be made via Bank deposit/transfer.

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*Please remember to notify us after successful payment or sending a payment notification directly to this email address:, 08034121380

 Some titles

  1. 50+ Motivational Audio Books by John Maxwell and Brain Tracy
  2. Advance Blogging for cash Training -Make Money Online
  3. Advance Website Analytics, Tracking, Audit and Security
  4. Advanced Excel Training course for Statisticians and Accountants
  5. AUTOCAD Full Training Course
  6. Boostrap Website Developer Course
  7. Branding- Building Brands and Increasing Revenue for Business Executives
  8. Building Enterprise eCommerce-Online Store Websites
  9. Building Mobile App with AngularJS and Ionic
  10. Building Online Website Forums
  11. Business Analysis
  12. C# Complete Developer Course
  13. Cloud Computing Training Course
  14. CMS- WordPress and Joomla Theme Developer Course
  15. Complete Email Marketing Course+ Free 1mil Email Database
  16. Complete Voilin Training Course
  17. CompTIA A+ Computer Repair, Maintenance and Upgrade
  18. ComTIA Linux Training
  19. CompTIA N+ Networking Training
  20. CompTIA Security Training
  21. CompTIA Security+ Training
  22. Computer Literacy for Windows
  23. Core Javascript Master Developer Course
  24. Dreamweaver Professional Training Course
  25. Drupal Advanced Training Course
  26. Creating Web Application
  27. Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
  28. Digital Marketing Research
  29. Dreamweaver Professional Training Course
  30. Drupal Advanced Training Course
  31. eBusiness Technologies-
  32. eHR- Building a Company Team for World Impact
  33. Entrepreneurship- Smart Business Models for Business Growth and Success
  34. eProcurement and Online Payments- Tools, Tools and Techniques
  35. Game Developer Training Course
  36. How to Make Massive Cash as a Web designer and Developer
  37. How to Start a Company and Become Global Within 3 Months
  38. Internet Marketing Training Course
  39. Java Application Development Course
  40. Joomla Developer Full Training Course
  41. Learning to Use The Macintosh Computer
  42. Microsoft Office 2013 Full Training Program
  43. Microsoft Sharepoint Training
  44. Microsoft Visio Studio Training Course
  45. Mobile Application Developer Course-Andriod, iOs, Windows
  46. Mobile Marketing Advance Course- SMS, Robo Calls, ShortCode
  47. Oracle Training Courses
  48. Sales Secrets for Small Business
  49. SPSS Professional Training
  50. Strategic Negotiation
  51. User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010,2013 and 2016 Training for Professionals: Bankers, Accountants, Statisticians in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt

microsoft excel advanced training courses in abujaSOUTECH Web Consults – (a smart and budding Information Technology (IT) firm with innovative, intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced consultants, trainers and developers.

To be efficient in IT service delivery and management you need core practical training from SOUTECH Web Consults to help you in:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creativity and innovation skills

We look forward to training you in the following courses.

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 Course

In this advanced training course for Microsoft Excel 2013, this course takes you beyond the basics of Excel, and teaches you how to use the advanced features and functions in this spreadsheet program from Microsoft.

You will start with basic operations such as SUM, MIN, and MAX, as well as conditional mathematical functions. We proceeds to instruct you on using IF statements to control conditions. You will learn how to perform data lookups using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and how to create Sparklines. Other features that are covered in this advanced Excel tutorial are; working with time, outlining, custom views, text manipulation, error checking, pivot tables and pivot charts. Aalso covers some basic Macro operations within Excel for optimizing your workflow.

By the completion of this Microsoft Excel 2013 training program, you will be comfortable with many of the advanced features and functions that this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft has to offer. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

  • A Practical Excel Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills
  • Concise, informative Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 training modules.
  • A quick grasp of even the most complex Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 subjects because they’re broken into simple, easy to follow guides

Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 training, guide,  tutorial, online or offline… so you’ll know the exact steps for your own projects.

Course Highlights

  1. Getting Started
  2. Area And Volume Calculations
  3. Using A Near Match In The Lookup
  4. Creating A Sparkline
  5. Loan And Investment Calculations
  6. Add Quick Access To Custom Views
  7. CONCATENATE: Building Strings From Multiple Cells
  8. Arrays And Creating A New Array Formula
  9. What Are Tracer Arrows
  10. What Is A PivotTable?
  11. Creating A PivotChart
  12. Use Of Worksheet Buttons To Trigger Macros


  1. Getting Started
  • Will I Be Able To Keep Up?
  • Using The Included Files
  • New For 2013: Its All In The Cloud
  • The Very Clever Flash Fill
  • Using Mathematical Functions
  • The Basic SUM, COUNT, MIN, And MAX
  • SUMIF For Selective Adding Up
  • COUNTIF For Selective Counting
  • AVERAGEIF For The Mean Of Selected Cells
  • Multiple Criteria Within SUMIF, COUNTIF, And AVERAGEIF
  1. Area And Volume Calculations
  • IF Functionality
  • IF Syntax And Uses
  • Nesting The IF Statement
  • Use Of The AND Operator Within An IF
  • Use Of The OR Operator Within An IF
  • The NOT Operator Within AND And OR Statements
  • Display Cell Formulas In Another Cell
  • Performing Data Lookups
  • VLOOKUP: Syntax And Usage
  • VLOOKUP In Live Action
  • HLOOKUP: Variation On A Theme


  1. Using A Near Match In The Lookup
  • Dealing With Missing Data In A Lookup
  • Managing The Lookup Table
  • Lookups Nested Within Lookups
  1. Sparklines
  • Creating A Sparkline
  • Altering The Design Of Sparklines
  • Dealing With Empty Cells
  • Comparing Sparklines Within A Sparkline Group
  • Removing Sparklines From A Worksheet
  • Further Mathematical Functions
  • Working With Time In Excel
  • Calculations Using Time
  • Useful Time And Date Functions
  • Rounding Decimal Places
  • MOD And INT Functions And Uses
  • Generate And Use A Random Number
  1. Loan And Investment Calculations
  • Loan Calculation Elements And Functions
  • Outlining
  • Create An Outline Automatically
  • Adding An Outline Manually
  • Editing And Removing Outlining
  • Scenarios
  • Setting Up A Set Of Scenarios
  • Displaying And Editing The Different Scenarios
  • How To Work Out Which Scenario You Are Displaying
  • Merging And Deleting Scenarios
  • Producing A Summary Of Scenarios
  1. Custom Views
  • Custom Views Explained
  • Use Of Outlining To Help Setup Custom Views
  • Editing And Deleting Custom Views
  • Add Quick Access To Custom Views
  • Functions For Manipulating Text
  • LEFT And RIGHT: Text Manipulation
  • LEN And TRIM: String Extractions
  • FIND And MID: Text Functions Working Together


  1. CONCATENATE: Building Strings From Multiple Cells
  • Changing Case Functions
  • REPLACE And SUBSTITUTE: Two More String Manipulation Functions
  • Use Of CHAR Function For More Obscure Characters
  • Formatting Numeric And Date Values Using TEXT
  • Keeping The Values Created By String Manipulation
  1. Arrays
  • Arrays And Creating A New Array Formula
  • Array Formulas With IF Statements
  • Conditional Evaluation With No IFs
  • The Array-Only TRANSPOSE Function
  • Useful Data Functions
  • Using The MATCH Function
  • How The INDEX Function Works
  • Handling Out Of Range Index Requests
  • The CHOOSE Lookup Function
  • MATCH And INDEX Functions Working Together
  • Some Other Useful Functions
  • Introducing IS Functions
  • Error Checking Using ISERR, ISERROR, And IFERROR
  • OFFSET Function Syntax
  • OFFSET Function: Creating A Dynamic Named Range
  • INDIRECT Function To Build Dynamic Formulas
  • Dealing With INDIRECT Errors
  • The CELL Function And Determining File Or Sheet Names
  • Auditing And Troubleshooting Formulas
  1. What Are Tracer Arrows
  • Adding And Removing Tracer Arrows
  • Auditing Tools: Error Checking And Tracing
  • Step-By-Step Formula Processing
  • Using The Watch Window In Troubleshooting
  1. PivotTables for banking, accounting and statistics experts
  • What Is A PivotTable?
  • The New Recommended PivotTable Route
  • Creating Your Own PivotTables
  • Changing The Formatting And Formulas In PivotTable Summaries
  • Creating Multiple PivotTables On The Same Dataset
  • Moving And Deleting PivotTables
  • Making Use Of The Report Filter Options
  • Sorting The PivotTable Columns
  • Refreshing A PivotTable
  • Drilling Down Behind The Pivot Numbers
  • Multiple Fields In Row, Column, Or Data Sections
  • Controlling Grand Totals And Subtotals
  • Dealing With Empty Cells And Other Additional Options
  • PivotTable Styles
  • Creating Your Own PivotTable Styles
  • Creating And Using Calculated Fields
  • Using The New Timeline Filter Option
  • Adding And Using The Data Slicer
  • Using Data From An SQL Server In A PivotTable
  • Managing The External Connection To SQL Server
  1. PivotCharts
  • Creating A PivotChart
  • Changing The Fields Used In A PivotChart
  • Formatting The PivotChart
  • Changing The PivotChart Type
  • Filtering A PivotChart
  • Hiding The PivotChart Buttons
  • Moving And Deleting PivotCharts
  • Goal Seek And Solver
  • What-If Analysis Using Goal Seek
  • Activating The Solver Add-In
  • Using Solver To Complete A What-If
  • Adding Constraints To Solver
  1. What Is A Macro
  • Creating And Running Your First Macro
  • Saving Workbooks With Macros
  • Macro Security Settings For Workbooks With Macros
  • The Personal Macro Workbook
  • Deleting Macros
  • Use Of Relative Or Absolute Referencing
  • Trigger A Macro With A Keyboard Shortcut
  • Formatting With A Macro
  • Switch Scenarios And Views With Macros
  • Use Of Worksheet Buttons To Trigger Macros
  • Customizing Form Buttons And Other Shape Triggers
  • Assigning Macros To Ribbon Icons
  • Create Your Own Ribbon
  • View And Edit Macro Code
  • Add An Are You Sure Box To Macros



SOUTECH VENTURES, by Redeemed Christian Church Karu, Corner Shops, Karu, Abuja

Learning Conditions

  • Real-life application and understanding
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Participants get a Certificate of Training
  • Restricted and interactive classes
  • Service comes with all necessary softwares
  • Soft copy training(Videos and eBooks) materials will be available
  • Qualified and experienced facilitators
  • Get a full Audio recording of the training (No need for refresher class)
  • Customized soft copy of training materials will be provided
  • Organized and efficient training process
  • Tea/Cofee Breaks and Snacks to be provided
  • Conducive air conditioned learning environment and Parking Space


soutech web consults clientele bas


Cost: N40,000( Fourty Thousand Naira only or $120)

Duration: 4 Contacts of 3 Hours Each( Weekdays or WeekEnds Options Available)

Registration Procedures

  1. Pay Training fee before training start date
  2. visit  complete the registration form
  3. Upon confirmation of your registration, an electronic receipt will be sent to your mail.
  4. Commence your training at SOUTECH Training Venue

Payment can be made via our website on the Register page or through Bank deposit/transfer.
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*Please remember to notify us after successful payment or sending a payment notification directly to this email address:, 08034121380 ,Venue: SOUTECH VENTURES, by Redeemed Christian Church Karu, Corner Shops, Karu, Abuja