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Summary of Training

In this program which we run together with the solar and inverter training course, we look at how to install CCTV with input and experience from SOUTECH CCTV installers. The guide takes you through the complete CCTV installation process as used by a CCTV installer. Although we use an example of home CCTV installation, the principles can easily be applied to business CCTV installation, such as CCTV for retail shops.

As well as installing CCTV systems, SOUTECH also supplies equipment, including CCTV cameras, DVRs, NVRs and also tools to carry out CCTV installation on demand

CCTV Camera System Installation and Setup Steps

  • CCTV System Planning
  • Where to position CCTV cameras?
  • Drawing a Diagram of House and Garden
  • Procurement of CCTV Kit or Individual Components
  • Deciding on the Recorder’s Storage Space
  • Tools You Need for CCTV Installation
  • How the CCTV System is Connected Together
  • How to Prepare a Property for CCTV Installation?
  • How to Run CCTV Cables
  • Connecting the Network Cable from DVR to Internet Router
  • How to Install CCTV Cameras
  • Installing the DVR
  • Connecting the CCTV Monitor to DVR
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Your CCTV System
  • Setting up DVR/NVR and Configuration
  • Network Setup to Connect to the Internet
  • Commissioning and Testing

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It is very useful when working out where to position CCTV cameras to draw a diagram of your property like the one below. This makes it clear before you start where the cameras need to be placed to maximize security and the effectiveness of the CCTV system.

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CCTV Installation Type Where to Position CCTV Cameras
House External front entrance, side entrance, back entrance, all windows and doors. Driveway for car. Storage areas, back and front garden, summerhouse, shed. Some houses have an alleyway at the rear with a detached garage so cover this too.
Retail Store Aisles, shelves, fridges, freezers, checkout area, entrance, exit.
Office  For health and safety, stairways, outside lift area, entrance and exit, communal areas like canteen and server room/ comms room.
Petrol Station Islands (pumps), entrance and exit, retail sections inside shop, checkout.
Warehouse Loading bay, entrance and exit, fire exits, machinery operation areas covered for health and safety, external compressor/ oil storage areas. Communal areas, working areas for health and safety, e.g. production and packing areas.
Other Areas  For example, storage locker areas.

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