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  • 4 weeks comprehensive solar and inverter training
  • The course outline includes:
    • Introduction to renewable energy (global and domestic perspective)
    • Energy mix and energy balance
    • Components/makeup of solar systems – solar panels, inverters and batteries
    • Stress test analysis
    • Basic installation guidelines in RES installation
    • Safety measures/procedure basic tools
    • Safety wears
    • Basic installation
    • How to install 0.8RV – 7KVA series panel (solar application)
    • Market analysis (business potential)
    • Global and local demand
    • How to identify and make opportunities
  • Participants will get a certificate upon completion of training
  • Training materials will be provided
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Experienced tutors

You get to learn the entire solar system process

Unique Opportunity to get your hands dirty and learn real life design, maintenance and installation skills


SOUTECH Solar & Inverter is a company renowned for creating reliable power solutions for apartments through the creation and installation of high-tech inverters and other renewable energy innovations. They are fully armed with personnel that know their onions and have gained a reputation for ensuring excellent service delivery. We are offering customers professional solar and inverter training. At a time when all aspects of life rely on power, this training is available to a wide spectrum of individuals. Training is focused on renewable energy, its components, mode of utilization, and possible business opportunities that can emerge from this field. Training holds in weekday and weekend batches and participants can select the most convenient batch for them.

Get to learn from industry experts how to make solar installations following the 6 smart processes of field survey, a comprehensive energy audit of homes and industries, energy design for your client, cost and procurement/quotations and project finance, installations, repairs, and maintenance. Get a bonus case study-based project management insight on solar installation cost, duration and quality, scope, risk, resources, schedule and quality. Run through basic electricity all the way to DC, AC circuits and career options for a beginner
*Training comes with a bonus CCTV Installation hands-on showcase

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Discount Training Cost: N75,000 

Its a comprehensive training you don’t want to MISS (Actual Training Cost N80,000 After This Discount)

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  • Abuja 1.
    SOUTECH Web Consults.
    67 Block 1A, Guest House, Kano Street After Shehu Shagari Mosque,900241
    Area 1, Abuja
    Contact: +234( 0803 412 1380)
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Real-life application and understanding
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Participants Abuja, get a Certificate of Training
  • Restricted and interactive classes
  • Service comes with all necessary softwares
  • Soft copy training(Videos and eBooks) materials will be available
  • Qualified and experienced facilitators
  • Get a full Audio recording of the training (No need for refresher class)
  • Full certification course (Good for your CV)
  • Customized soft copy of training materials will be provided
  • Organized and efficient training process
  • Launch/Tea/Cofee Breaks and Snacks to be provided
  • Conducive air conditioned learning environment and Parking Space

Registration Procedures

  1. Pay Training fee before training start date( to claim discounted fee)
  2. Upon confirmation of your registration, payment, an electronic receipt will be sent to your mail.
  3. Commence your  training at SOUTECH Training Venue
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