Energy Consumption for Solar and Inverter Home Installation

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Energy Consumption for Solar and Inverter Home Installation

  • Designing a portable, battery-based electrical circuit requires calculating the average load, the battery capacity required to support the load, and the power generation required to keep the batteries charged.
  • The load in nearly all systems is dynamic.
  • Proper battery capacity in an electrical circuit enables you to supply the total power required by the load in a system, fully recharge the battery bank from the chosen power generation source or sources on a regular interval, and ensure there is enough energy to power the load between charges.
  • Any power generator selected for a hybrid power system should be able to fully recharge the battery once per day.
  • When using an inverter in a portable, battery-based electrical circuit, it is recommended the inverter has a power rating of 125% of the total load.

Energy Consumption

Energy (Watt-H) = Power (Watt) x Time(T)

And it unit is Watt-Hour, Higher unit of Energy is in Kilo-Watt-H (kWh). A Kilo is 1,000

Here is an Example. 4,000Wh is equal to 4kWh

When you put on your TV which has a Power Consumption of 100Watts for 4hrs, the Energy the TV has Consumed is 100watts x 4h = 400Wh

For instance if we assume that the city of Abuja kWh Energy Consumption Cost
1kWh cost N64.4

When you converter 400Wh to Kilo, You divide 400Wh by 1000 which equals 0.4kWh.

So your house has Consumed 0.4kWh of Energy on TV alone

Since 1kWh cost N64.40.4kWh cost X naira
= 64.4 x 0.4 = N25.76

If your TV is put on

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for 4hrs every day for 30days in a month
Your TV monthly Consumption Cost will be 30 x 25.76 = N772.8

The Lower your TV power Consumption, The Lower your Cost Vis Versa

If we understand this, then we can do the cost for a building.

Now that electricity tarrif has been increased.
Calculate your total month cost.

We could help you do your energy audit and advise you

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