Downloading A Website Using A Website Copier Tool

Lab 2-5: (HTTrack)

In this lab, we are going to copy a website into our local directory and browse it from there in an offline environment.

Steps: Download & install  the WinHTTrack Website Copier Tool
Download HTTrack for different platforms on the website

httrack installerHttrack Website Copier installation.


Httrack Website Copier.

Click Next

Creating a new Project.

Enter a Project name, In our case we would use Testing_Project

Setting Target

Click on Set options button.

Configuring Options.

Go to Scan rules tab and Select options as required and Click Ok.

Configuring Options.

Click on the Add URL button, Inout website Url and Click Next.

Configuring Options.

Click Finish.

Copying Complete!

Click Browse Mirrored Website.

Browsing copied site.

Select your Favorite Browser.

Website from a local directory.

Website from a local directory. Observe the above output . website is copied int o a local directory and browsed from there. Now you can explore the website in an offline environment for the structure of the website and other parameters.

Original Website.

To make sure, compare the local site you have downloaded to the original by simply opening a new tab and enter the site url.



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