EPIC WAYS TO USE PHOTOSHOP- The Use of the Selection Tool.

The Selection Tools

Photoshop affords you the opportunity to select or preferably extract an image from an existing one such that you don’t tamper the original image. Photoshop selections are represented by lines resembling marching ants.

The Magic Wand Tool is used to select a sphere

These selections are possible through the list of various tools in the toolbox by the left-side of your workspace. They are all at your disposal to explore. These tools include the following:

  • Marquee Tools include:
  • Rectangular Marquee Tool
  • Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Single Row Marquee Tool
  • Single Column Marquee Tool


  • Lasso Tools include:
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool

  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool


Others include:

  • Color Range
  • Focus Area


Deselecting and Re-selecting a Selection In Photoshop

Deselect and Reselect options are under the Select menu.

To deselect in Photoshop, scroll to the Menu bar, click on ‘Select’ and choose ‘Deselect’. Otherwise, press ‘Ctrl+D’ and whatever you’ve selected would be deselected.

To re-select your last selection, click ‘Re-select’ under the Select menu, otherwise, press Shift+Ctrl+D.





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