Business Essentials for Analysts Certificate

Business Essentials for Analysts Certificate


This unique certificate course will enable analysts to better interpret the information requirements of marketers, and deliver the results of their analysis to marketers in a way they will understand and find useful. This will help you improve the value you provide back into the management decision-making process.

Who should attend?

  • Junior to mid-level analytics professional
  • Those that are looking to develop into a senior analyst role
  • Currently working within a Marketing, Planning or Reporting business function.

Learning outcomes

  • Problem solving and how to articulate a problem
  • Taking the right brief and understanding business risk / marketing performance
  • Work plans – understanding process / resource requirements
  • What is needed to acquire better knowledge for a more informed decision
  • How to communicate complex ideas across persuasively.

Course Outline

Session 1:  Key business metrics – what the board wants to hear

  • Forecasting in preference to reporting
  • Business performance – How did we do?
  • Diagnostic metrics – What is working?
  • Leading Indicators – How will we do?

Session 2: Marketers’ analysis requirements – the main drivers

  • Strategic Insights and Brand Strength
  • Customer Engagement and Funnel Metrics
  • Media Attribution
  • Test, Learn, Improve

Session 3:  Understanding how to define the problem

  • Interviewing  stakeholders/clients
  • Identifying areas for focus
  • Framing the key question
  • Determining scope of work
  • Determining stakeholders’ criteria for quality and outcomes

Session 4:  Structuring the problem

  • Smart decomposition of complex problems
  • Creating issue trees
  • Applying the Pareto principle to problem solving
  • Understand the timeliness of the solution

Session 5:  Work planning

  • Selecting the appropriate analyses from the brief
  • Identifying information needs
  • Creating manageable work plans
  • Setting work priorities

Session 6:  Working the plan

  • Managing work plans
  • Dealing with the dynamics of work groups and teams
  • Navigating stakeholder interactions
  • Developing practical assumptions and approximations
  • Avoiding “analysis paralysis” – deciding when the time is right

Session 7:  Developing insights and recommendations

  • Validating and verifying results
  • Testing sensitivity to assumptions
  • Asking “so what?”: Moving from data to insights to recommendations to plans
  • “Stress-testing” recommendations

Session 8: Making the case – communications and presentation

  • Speaking in their language – framing data in a business context
  • Analysing the levers of persuasion
  • Presenting results based on complex analytical work
  • Tools, technology, imagery, handouts and slides- that support the story

Assessment criteria

Your final grade on this certifcate course is made up of:

  • An exam – two hours, closed book
  • Course participation, measured in three components: Class attendance; participation in class exercises and discussions; completion of pre-class preparation and post-class exercises.


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