Data Analysis For Marketers

Data Analysis For Marketers


About the course

Data is changing the way we approach marketing; however it is important to understand how to manage the complexity that comes with it to make the right business decisions.  This course will help you understand how to engage with data analytics to deliver greater customer insight and marketing effectiveness.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing professionals interested in using data more effectively
  • Data analysts
  • Data planners.

Learning outcomes

  • Value and viability – assessing data inside and outside your organisation
  • Data analysis in context – what are the patterns telling you?
  • Gaining insights from your customer data analytics for marketing strategy and communications
  • 1 to 1 marketing – segmentation, targeting and automation techniques
  • Big data – its scope and use to drive marketing
  • Best practice data management and processes

Course Outline

Business objectives – why the need for data analysis?

  • Developing Insights and business intelligence
  • Using data analysis for acquisition
  • Using analysis to improve retention
  • Understanding Business metrics frameworks and how analysis fits in

Data: types and where to find it?

  • Data types: Quantitative, Qualitative
  • Data Collection: short term, long term
  • Internal sources – CRM + operations + financial + owned digital assets
  • External sources – beyond business as usual – variety, complexity and scale

Principles of data analysis

  • Measurement and attribution techniques
  • Using analysis to explain marketing impact
  • Using analysis for forecasting and prediction

Practical aspects of data analysis

  • Preparing your data: Appending, Joining
  • Data management: Categorisation, structures, warehousing
  • Analysis: tools and processes
  • Constructing and testing hypotheses, repeat and learn

Interpretation and communication

  • Making numbers tell stories: Visualisation, narrative
  • Providing answers to business problems expressed in business language


Online Learning

The world of marketing and advertising changes fast and the need to keep up never stops. So, to fit around busy schedules, SOUTECH Spark has created a new range of online courses: offering flexibility for when and where you want to learn.

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