Data-driven Marketing and Advertising Essentials

Data-driven Marketing and Advertising Essentials


About the course

Featuring case studies and group exercises, you’ll learn a range of disciplines to ensure database marketing campaigns are well-planned and carefully executed.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing and advertising professionals looking to up-skill further in multi-channel marketing disciplines
  • Those looking to broaden their knowledge across other marketing disciplines
  • Those looking to develop new skills in data-driven marketing.

Learning outcomes

  • How to plan a multi-channel marketing strategy for acquisition and retention
  • How to produce effective direct response campaigns using the critical success factors
  • How to use digital media effectively in your marketing
  • How to test, measure and learn
  • How to use data to drive effective marketing campaigns
  • How to evaluate creativity and use creativity to drive response.

Course Outline

Course outlineOver two days, Data-driven Marketing and Advertising Essentials addresses:

Strategies and campaigns: 

  • Developing objectives and strategies; customer journeys and contact strategies;
  • Critical success factors and integration
  • The importance of creativity to inform and motivate customers

Data management essentials:

  • Gathering the right data
  • Processes & infrastructure
  • Privacy and compliance

Using data to drive effectiveness:

  • Measurement – gathering data to track performance
  • How to test, learn and improve
  • Using data for insights, segmentation, targeting and personalization to build relationships
  • Customer-initiated marketing and automation

Channel planning:

  • Principles of channel selection & balancing budgets
  • Understanding digital channels and how to use them

Conversion and retention:

  • Getting to the sale – how to guide a customer through the consideration phase
  • Keeping customers for longer – planning, tactics and loyalty programs

In-class practical’s

The course is highly interactive and involves a number of practical exercises in which students work on case studies and develop their ideas in groups.


Data-driven Marketing & Advertising Essentials Short Course is now available for online study.

The online course covers the same content as our in-class course. Topics are broken down into a series of online modules to work through at your own pace.

The course content is presented on SOUTECH’s Online Learning Management System (LMS) which you are provided access to on the day of enrolment.

Within the LMS you will find a course introduction and 5 modules. Within each module you will find the course content with exercises, case studies, articles and more.

The course study time is between 16 – 20 hours, depending on your current level of experience, however you have access to the course content for 3 months. We provide you with 3 months access so you can go back to the course module to review and revise


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