Copywriting Essentials

Copywriting Essentials


About the course

Learn to create an instant headline, and master a simple approach to copy, structure and punctuation – before taking the learning into digital, social and email.

Who should attend?

  • Those new to marketing communications
  • Marketers writing copy as part of their role
  • Marketers wanting to develop their own materials in-house
  • Those reviewing agency output
  • Writers looking to refresh their copy approach.

Learning outcomes

  • A simple, proven and quick process for writing
  • How to develop an instant headlines, subject lines and concepts
  • How to structure your copy: a beginning, middle and end
  • How to manage the approval process
  • Which mediums to use and why
  • The power of punctuation
  • Why traditional writing rules do not apply to the web
  • How to write more effective emails
  • The writer’s challenge in social media.

Course Outline

Course outline

The course uses practical exercises, real world examples and simple guidelines to help you:

  • Do your homework before you write: Who, What, Why and Where
  • Develop instant concepts through 4 proven formulae
  • Manage the approval process
  • Write simple copy
  • Develop colloquial copy: short words, short sentences
  • Open your copy: the Socratic method
  • Close your copy: the Copy Loop
  • Manage legals and mandatories
  • Set a structure
  • Understand what makes for good copy on the web
  • Produce more effective emails
  • Understand the challenges of social media


Copywriting Essentials Short Course is now available for online learning.

The online course covers the same content as our in-class course. Topics are broken down into a series of online modules to work through at your own pace.

The course content is presented on SOUTECH Online Learning Management System (LMS) which you are provided access to on the day of enrolment.

Within the LMS you will find a course introduction and 4 modules. Within each module you will find the course content with exercises, case studies, articles and more..

The course study time is between 8-12 hours, depending on your current level of experience, however you have access to the course content for 2 months. We provide you with 2 months access so you can go back to the course module to review and revise.

If you have further questions about online study please contact

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