Copywriting Advanced

Copywriting Advanced


About the course

From the importance of the brief, to production and copy, proven copy styles, to how to finesse your words – this course will give you the tips and skills you need to become an expert copywriter.

Who should attend?

  • Marketers and advertisers for whom copy is a key part of their role
  • Copywriters looking for that next level of skills
  • Those looking to refresh their writing ability
  • Marketers moving into a more copy intensive role
  • Marketers and advertisers who review copy as part of their job
  • Those who have completed the Copywriting Essentials short course
  • Those wanting to progress from other writing styles such as journalism into a marketing style
  • In-house writers wanting broader expertise.

Learning outcomes

  • Which elements of a marketing brief are vital to the writing process
  • Why invest in an idea?
  • No cost, low cost ideas
  • Proven creative techniques and formulae for generating concepts
  • The copy foundations: short words, punctuation and structure
  • The Four Copy Formulae: four structures to write to
  • Key style issues
  • Getting clever with words: alliteration, the Rule of Threes, contrasting pairs
  • Feedback, comments and an evaluation checklist
  • Production and copy: issues and concerns
  • Creating customer engagement through direct response copy.

Course Outline

Course outline

This thoroughly practical course combines group writing exercises, real world examples and advanced copy techniques, including:

  • The importance of the brief and its key elements
  • The copy foundations: a summary of the basics of good copy
  • Four copy styles – proven template styles to write to
  • Style issues such as the Invisible Copywriter, B2B vs. B2C and when not to write
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Emotive vs. factual words
  • Evaluating copy: what is valid criticism?
  • Production and copy: the 2 out of 3 rule
  • And much, much more.


Online Learning

The world of marketing and advertising changes fast and the need to keep up never stops. So, to fit around busy schedules, SOUTECH has created a new range of online courses: offering flexibility for when and where you want to learn.


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