B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Strategy


About the course

This course delivers a framework for taking business to business marketing strategy into action by developing the right tactics via a considered plan. It shows you how to construct a numbers-based funnel, which follows the buyer’s journey and aligns the efforts of sales and marketing to maximise results.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced B2B marketers looking for a new framework for planning and execution
  • B2B marketers looking to understand strategy and how to tie it back to tactics
  • Marketers stepping into the B2B world for the first time
  • Team leaders looking for a common framework to unify sales and marketing teams
  • Sales and account managers looking to align effectively with their marketing colleagues.

Learning outcomes

  • How to redefine and rethink the size of your market
  • How to dominate your chosen market
  • How to effectively align sales and marketing
  • How to understand and populate your funnel
  • How to achieve marketing rhythm
  • How to build tactics that align with your strategy
  • How to refine your funnel metrics from start to finish: universe size, buyer journey stages, required sales, expected conversion rates and timeframe
  • Your buyer’s purchasing journey

Course Outline

Course outline

The course uses material from the globally-proven Funnel Academy. It is delivered in 4 units, which a logical sequence from planning to the execution of a successful business to business marketing strategy.

Unit 1: How to be a big fish in a small pond

  • Defining the market – where are you strong? Where can you dominate?
  • Clarity around what to sell, to whom and through whom

Unit 2: How to align sales B2B sales channels and marketing

  • How sales and marketing alignment affects the bottom line
  • Working to a common plan with common metrics and tactics

Unit 3: How to achieve marketing rhythm

  • Releasing your business from the restrictions of a quarterly planning cycle
  • Aligning tactics to the customer journey

Unit 4: Funnel Management – Translating your B2B strategy to action

  • Agreeing on the boundaries – market definition, customer problems and product solutions
  • Recasting your strategy & tactics around key customer problems
  • Working the sales funnel – Targets, milestones and ratios

Each module is split into 50% theory and 50% workshops, which gives you plenty of opportunity to work in teams on practical examples of what you have learnt.


Online Learning

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