B2B Digital Marketing

B2B Digital Marketing


About the course

Learn how to get ahead of your competitors using digital marketing. Gain an understanding of how to combine relevant content and digital channels to attract, engage and convert your B2B prospects and customers.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing managers, Marketing directors, and heads of marketing in B2B companies or divisions who are responsible for demand generation, brand building and sales lead generation.

Learning outcomes

  • How to conduct market segmentation
  • How to create a working content strategy
  • How to set up a measurement framework for your digital marketing program
  • How to integrate social media into your digital programs
  • How to search for, identify, and engage prospects and influencers within your target market using digital channels
  • How to generate qualified sales and partner leads

Course Outline

Course outline

The course content will combine presentations, discussion and practical exercises on the following topics:

  • Identifying prospect segments, understanding their online behaviour and using this to determine how best to reach them.
  • Understanding the importance of content in driving customer engagement online
  • What is valuable content and how to source it
  • How to deploy it through different digital channels
  • The fundamentals of paid search – how it works, keyword selection, campaign planning in B2B marketing
  • Fundamentals of SEO – how rankings work and how to improve them
  • How marketers can influence SEO – Website content, Social Media content, linking strategies and clickability
  • Principles of effective B2B social media strategy
  • Using the main tools – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for brand building and lead generation
  • What customers expect to see when they click-through
  • How to design landing pages for maximum conversion
  • Metrics to track awareness, engagement, conversion and buzz
  • Determining ROI


New for 2014! Online Short Courses

The online course covers the same content as our in-class course. Topics are broken down into a series of online modules to work through at your own pace.

You can register your details here, and we’ll let you know when the course is ready for study.


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