Getting and Keeping Clients in Business

Getting and Keeping Clients in Business


About the course

It is well known that it is cheaper to keep a customer than to chase new ones, yet not enough resources or effort are given to retaining customers. This course will teach you how to build a successful retention strategy of your own whatever your line of business.

Who should attend?

  • Those responsible for customer retention or relationship marketing within their organisation
  • Marketers looking to understand the drivers of loyalty and advocacy
  • Experienced digital or direct marketers looking to build their retention and loyalty skills
  • Senior marketers developing retention plans for their organisation
  • Experienced marketers looking to broaden their skills set.

Learning outcomes

  • The essential requirements to building a retention plan
  • What is loyalty: what makes a customer disloyal, passive or an advocate?
  • Understanding of the right kind of retention campaign for your organisation
  • What makes great customer communication
  • How to use digital channels and social media in the retention marketing mix
  • What kind of loyalty program is right for your business

Course Outline

The course content will combine presentations, discussion and practical exercises on the following topics:

  • The loyalty model – what makes a customer disloyal, passive or an advocate
  • Building your retention plan – 4 essential strategies to build a foundation plan – understanding your customer and your business through your data, segmentation and how to split your customers into meaningful segments, other customer insights and tracking of advocacy, mapping the customer experience and learning to understand how to identify hot spots and opportunities
  • Retention campaigns suitable for different business imperatives, including lifecycle campaigns, cross sell and up sell, save, renewal, re-purchase and winback
  • Brilliant communication – how to get cut through, which channels to use and creative tips
  • How to use social media in the retention mix. What works and what you need to look out for
  • What part brand plays in the retention marketing mix
  • Loyalty programs – which type of program is best for your organisation
  • What other elements are essential in developing a retention plan, from senior management buy-in to effective reporting and implementation.


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