10 Deadly sins of Wireless Security- SOUTECH Cybersecurity Training tips, hints

10 Deadly sins of Wireless Security- SOUTECH Cybersecurity Training tips, hints

Ten Deadly Sins in Wireless Security  The emergence and popularity of wireless devices and wireless networks has provided a platform for real time communication and collaboration. This emergence has created new IT vulnerabilities, which in turn have created the necessity to establish practices that make the wireless environment secure and convenient. in order to reap all of the benefits associated with wireless technology. This paper focuses on the ten deadly sins of Wireless security.

Wireless technology is yet another offshoot of Information and communication technology  revolution. Users now rely extensively on networks for carrying out personal and business activities. Wireless networks provide users with real-time access to information from  anywhere at any time without the constraint of wired networks. In essence, wireless networks provide mobility, unavailable with wired networks. It is easier to install wireless network and systems can be configured to communicate in the wireless environment. As more and more people use wireless devices and avail online services, wireless networking is set to gain inroads into the daily routine of users.

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