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Business Strategic Negotiation and Sales Secrets for Small Business 1 Day Training Course

Business Strategic Negotiation

Learn negotiation skills to help you get what you want while also building better relationships with coworkers, bosses, business partners, and suppliers. In this course, SOUTECH shares simple yet effective negotiating skills and tools. Covering the four major phases of the negotiating cycle and explains how to assess your situation, gather data, negotiate a deal, and then assess and learn from your experience. Also common negotiating pitfalls and what you can do to avoid them.

001 Introduction

002 Defining the context

003 Understanding relationships

004 Choosing a style

005 Considering emotions and fairness

006 Understanding players and positions

007 Understanding the deal structure

008 Anchoring the deal

009 Defining your goals

010 Sequencing the deal

011 Negotiating techniques

012 Assessing what happened

013 Changing your approach

014 Setting up future deals

015 Avoiding common pitfalls

016 Next steps

– Think about the last time you were involved in a negotiation. We’re you happy with the outcome? Did you get what you wanted? If you’re like most people the answer is probably no. Negotiation can be challenging, but with the right set of tools and techniques you can become a much more effective negotiator, and that’s what this course is all about.

In this course We’ll show you how assess your situation, choose an appropriate negotiating style, select from a variety of negotiating techniques, modify your approach, and ultimately close the deal on favorable terms. Negotiation isn’t all about winning and losing, it’s about making deals that maintain relationships and drive the outcomes that are most important to you.


Sales Secrets for Small Business

SOUTECH Web Consults | Business Development Training offers a simple three-step sales system (explore-present-act) that you can incorporate into your own small business to boost sales. First, learn the seven foundations of small business sales: common-sense techniques such as asking questions, listening, and following up. Then get tips to start building your sales system. Understand that by (1) getting to know the prospects and their needs better, you can (2) provide a brief presentation that focuses on their needs and (3) follow up to determine next steps and encourage them to act. We also provides sample sales scripts you can use for each stage of the process, as well as suggestions to create your own scripts. To keep your sales going strong far into the future, make sure you check out the closing chapters on practicing and measuring your progress and evolving your sales system.

001 Introduction

003 Customizing approach for small businesses

004 Foundations of small business sales

005 Overview of three steps

006 System step one – Explore

007 Demonstration – Exploring with a new customer

008 System step two – Present

009 Demonstration – Presenting to a customer

010 System step three – Act

011 Demonstration – Encouraging action

012 Keep following up

013 Understanding the question-based script

014 Demonstration – The script in action with three-step sales

015 Building a question script for three-step sales

016 Responding to objections with questions

017 Demonstration – Responding to objections with questions

018 The power of repetition

019 Demonstration – Giving and receiving feedback

020 Measuring your progress

021 What Next

We’ll hare with you the best practices when it comes to sales for small business. This is based on years of experience working with clients just like you in a variety of industries of shapes and sizes. Sales is one of the top problems when it comes to small business. Yet many business owners say, I’m not a salesperson, I don’t want to sell. In this course we’re going to put emphasis as sales being a service, on helping your customers take action and move forward.

You will learn simple, universal system that applies to a variety of businesses that will help you generate cash flow quickly. I want you to be confident with the system so you can increase the cash flow in your business. Let’s get started, and I look forward to serving you.


–         Real-life application and understanding

–         Conducive learning environment

–         Participants get a Certificate of Training

–         Restricted and interactive classes

–         Service comes with all necessary softwares( as applicable)

–         Soft copy training(Videos and eBooks) materials will be available

–         Qualified and experienced facilitators

–         Full certification course (Good for your CV)

–         Customized soft copy of training materials will be provided

–         Organized and efficient training process

–         Conducive air conditioned learning environment and Parking Space

Training Requirements and Prerequisites

–         Participants must have basic competency in computer literacy.

Registration Procedures

–         Pay Training fee three (3) days before training date to reserve a seat

–         Upon confirmation of your payment, an electronic receipt will be sent to your mail.

–         Commence your training on due date

DATE: Any Scheduled Monday (Approved by Trainer)

TIME: 10am- 2pm


N13,500( Discounted 1 Day Course)

Venue : SOUTECH, after Shehu Shagari Mosque, Area 1, Abuja OR CLIENTS OFFICE( You provide Projector, White Board & Screen)

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Payment can be made via Bank deposit/transfer.

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