With Enpass Password Manager, You Enjoy Super-Strong Passwords That Stay Yours

Technology will beat the average human every time. And unfortunately, we unfit bags of meat are barely competition for the robots on many fronts these days.

Case in point — a computer can now make more than 100 billion password guesses per second. Against that kind of onslaught, what chance do you think your “123456” or “qwerty” will have standing up to that?

The only chance we feeble flesh and bone creatures have is to put up the best form of protection we can muster. To do that, you need a service like Enpass Password Manager to craft the biggest, beefiest, toughest to crack passwords imaginable, then remember ‘em all when you need them. Right now, you can get a lifetime of Enpass protection at almost 60 percent off, just $24.99.

Enpass is a smart, easy, yet completely secure way of protecting all of your precious passwords and accounts from falling prey to everything from hackers to your own faulty memory.

Just give Enpass a chance to identify all of your weak, duplicate, and compromised passwords, then set it loose to create ultra-tight, multi-character, unique passwords for every single one of your accounts and logins. You only have to remember your master password for access to Enpass, where all your data resides safe and secure.

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And just in case you’re worried (and you should be), Enpass lives only on your local devices. No data is ever stored on Enpass’ own servers, so your information is restricted to only you and you alone.

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We say information because Enpass is more than a password storage system. It also houses all of your other vital data, including credit card information, bank account numbers, licenses, files, documents, or anything else you need to fill in all those online forms. Just like your passwords, that information gets automatically prompted and filled in when you have to pass along your details while opening an account or making a purchase online.

You can also sync your Enpass account across all your devices regardless of the platform through your own online cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or others.

A lifetime of Enpass Password Manager protection is usually $59, but with the current deal, you can take nearly $35 off that price, cutting your total down to just $24.99.

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