8 Important Plugins to Install for Your WordPress Website

Have you started using WordPress for website development yet? If not, I would like you to follow the installation steps in this tutorial of … and start building your first WordPress website immediately. With just 5,200 you can get a domain and hosting plan from www.soutechhosting.com. Don’t understand what a hosting is? I suggest you stop reading this article, click here to read about Popular Types of Web Hosting for Website Designers and come back to continue reading. If WordPress sounds like a foreign language to you, kindly enroll for the Soutech professional training on website design, where you will not only learn WordPress but start using it in building amazing for websites just after the training. There tons of themes and plugins available in the WordPress repository that can transform your website into anything you want it to be while adding some desired features. Today I want to share with you some useful plugins you would need for any basic WordPress website.

  1. Sucuri – Security Plugin

With the increase of cybercrime, security is now the priority of every web developer. You do not want to build a website site that will crash or reported to be hacked just after you have handed it over to your client. I recommend you install Sucuri once you have successfully set up your WordPress website. Sucuri can auto e-mail you reports on logs and also scan themes and plugins that you would be installing in your WordPress dashboard.

  1. Heateor Social Comments (block spam comments)

WordPress is known for spam comments, only if you have not taken adequate steps to prevent or block spam comments. Heator Social media will not block comments, rather it will force every commenter to either login or use any of their social media account such as Facebook, Google+ or Discuss to log-in before commenting. If you are looking to block comments completely, then you will have to install Disable Comments, a plugin that uses administrative privilege to block random comments on your post and pages.

  1. Contact Form 7 (Contact form plugin)
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It is important to have a feature that enables visitors to send you an email or inquiry directly from your website, instead of them having to copy your email addresses in a bid to send you emails later. Contact form 7 enables you to create a contact form that would be displayed on your website for visitors to use as a medium of sending you a message(e-mail) directly from your website.

  1. Captcha (Security against spam)

Some programmed BOT can be spamming your email address randomly, by using forms that are displayed on your websites. Same goes for individuals you send random advertisement emails concerning products and services you have no interest in. to check such spamming techniques, the best recommendation from me would be to install a Captcha. There are many captcha plugins, but I prefer Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft.

  1. S.E.O (Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack)

Search Engine Optimization is very import for every website. It is the bedrock of a website’s effective digital marketing services. Except you do not want search engines to crawl and index your website effectively, or you do not the world to bump on your website otherwise S.E.O should be a priority in promoting your website. Both Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack are good plugins for SEO, however, I recommend you only install one to avoid conflict.

  1. WP Statistics

After applying some good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you will want to know how the good and effective that has been on your website. You also want to know the consistency of the website traffic, WP Statistics Helps you to deal with that. With WP Statistics, you can have a detail report of your website’s traffic. This plugin will tell you who visits your website, traffic frequency of pages or post, geolocation, and type of browser the user accessed the website with. Though this plugin is very essential for bloggers, I recommend it for any WordPress website as well.

  1. Live Chat (WP Live Chat, Twak to, Zendesk Chat)
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Communication between a website owner and the visitors is very important and should not be neglected. WordPress there plenty of plugins that can make your website to have a live chat feature. Live chat makes it easier for people to communicate to you and get a response immediately without getting to wait hours for email replies. Having a live chat does not only create ease of communication, but it also portrays your services/business as one with an active yet responsive web presence. WP Live Chat, Twak TO and Zendesk Chat are good live chat plugins to choose from.

  1. Optimization (Autoptimize, WP Optimize, EWWW Image Optimize)

After building a nice looking WordPress website with some great features, it is time to launch. But if your website is heavy, it means it will load slowly which will result to your visitors getting angry and tired of waiting, jump ship is imminent. Since you did not built the website with the intention to see your visitors to abandoning the website, optimization is what you should beckon. Optimization will compress images, JavaScript and CSS files to reduces their sizes and loading times. There many optimization plugins but you should check out Autoptimize, WP Optimize, EWWW Image Optimize or any other good one you could find in the WordPress plugin repository.

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