Data Science with Python for Analysis, Machine Learning and SPSS for Research Training

Data Science Training Curriculum(Python and SPSS)

A complete step by step course to master IBM SPSS Statistics for doing advanced Research, Statistics & Data Analysis. We offer career-moulding training across data analysis and machine learning using Python and SPSS.

Course approach is very hands on with over 15 Case study and data sets covered through out the course duration

 Week 1: Python Programming and Libraries

– 00-Software installation and setup

– 01-Introduction to what Data Science process

-02-Python-Crash-Course and Exercise

– 03-Introduction to Numpy and Exercise

-04-Python-for-Data-Analysis-Pandas and Exercise

–  Case Study – Employee Data Analysis for 50,000 Staff


 Week 2:  Data Visualization and Data Analytics

-05-Data-Visualization-with-Matplotlib and Exercise

-06-Data-Visualization-with-Seaborn and Exercise

– Case Study – COVID 19 Data Visualization


 Week 3: Machine Learning Algorithms


– 07-Introduction to Machine Learning and Article writing and presentation

– 08-Linear-Regression and Exercise

–  Case Study – Air Passengers Analysis and Visualization


 Week 4: SPSS, Google, KoboToolBox for Data Analysis 


– Introduction to SPSS (software setup and software interface review)

– Questionnaire Design using Kobotoolbox or google Form

– Importing Data and Defining variable into SPSS

–  Case Study – Analysis based on data retrieved from Questionnaire 1


 Week 5: SPSS Course continues


–  Analyzing Descriptive Statistics for Continuous Variables

– Chart plotting (pie, bar, histogram)

– Project and Assignment Review

–  Case Study – Analysis based on data retrieved from Questionnaire 2


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Author: SouTech Team
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