Designing A Brand Identity

A brand is the representation of a product. It constitutes the identity for which a product is known and associated with. It could also be the customer’s perspective of some goods or services. This being established, it’s of great importance to note that there are deterrents to a positive productive brand design. These factors projects a contrasting view to the customers as opposed to the intentional of the company’s objective. The dire consequence thereafter lingers from misrepresentation or misinterpretation to eventual loss of clients.

  1. Absence of a comprehensive research on the company’s objective. This seem to the bedrock on which other factors lie. Before a brand is designed it is expedient that the designer has a concrete knowledge about the company’s vision and mission, a clearly defined template of the company’s position. These would serve as a fundamental guide to designing an exceptional breathe taking brand identity for your client.
  2. After you’re gotten your research ready, it’s needful to use vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Vector graphics provide for visual accuracy and consistency during production and reproduction. Raster or pixel based software distorts the quality of your design when zoomed.
  3. Making choice for color should be the least point of call in designing. It is advisable to begin designs in black and white so as to ensure the compatibility on the design in an off-color background or template.
  4. When selecting your fonts, keep it simple and not trendy. Most notable companies in the world that use fonts as their logo make it simple and direct. The message becomes quite simple to pass across to their customers. You can make some delicate and smooth adjustment by at the edge of your font or even slice it creatively in order to create a unique representation. In cases where you don’t have any creative idea, just keep it simple and play with the colors a bit.
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Author: SouTech Team
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