Your preferred font choice has a significant emotional appeal to your client or the general market. Notably, most top brands in the world that use fonts as their logo have come to understand the strategic impact their font choice has on their consumers and as such, a conscious thorough research is done to come out with the most appropriate font.

For instance, a tech or financial company that uses a font like ‘comic sans’ projects an unserious reaction from folks. But when the same company uses font like Serif or Impact, one would associate confidence and prowess to that brand. Take ‘Facebook’ for example, if it had used a beautiful script font such as ’Ambar Pearl Personal Use’, then we might have quite a serious time figuring so many things out.


Script Facebook:

Original Facebook:

It is imperative to strike through that even if you have the right colors, shapes and iconography – a wrong choice of font would still project an undesired outlook.

  1. Have a clear definition of your brand

In making the best choice of a font, it is important to clearly define your brand in unambiguous terms. This is valid because if you have a comprehensive outlay of your intention, it becomes easy to project to your clients. In defining your brand, you would want to consider what you want your customers to feel. This will guide in making the proper font choice to achieve your purpose.

  1. Know your audience

In creating an outstanding logo, you need a thorough knowledge of your audience – their varying perceptions on colours, shapes and such relatives. Taking into note the current social trends and idiosyncrasies that guide this choices would go a long way in predicting your audience and associating them with similar narratives.

  1. Be specific, concise and clear

What is the point of creating a logo that is not readable, doesn’t appeal to the customers and rather ambiguous? When the targeted audience for which a brand is designed can’t see a relation between them and your products, your aim have otherwise been defeated. To attract your audience of choice, your brand should be as simple as possible and at the same time conveying that very specific message it was intended to project. Clarity with simplicity should be the utmost emphasis if success should be achieved.

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Author: SouTech Team
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