Creative ways to promote your business on facebook

Facebook can be termed as one of the best tools for running a business online, If used correctly, Facebook can be used to improve and promote your products and services, build brand awareness, get a targeted audience for your goods and services, matrix that will aid in researching consumer opinion, using the analytics to see how good or poorly you are obtaining traction for your business online. To get all these done, your personal facebook profile page can’t do that for you. Here listed are some things you can do when using Facebook to improve your business

Facebook Business Pages


Most people are still yet to explore this, facebook allows you to create a free page for your business or website. Since Facebook is one of the largest social channels in the world today, it gives your business visibility in and outside your geographical area, thereby giving your business a presence online.

Facebook users who become fans of your Facebook Page can post on the wall, buy your products, learn about special events or promotions, join discussion boards and upload photos and video content to your Facebook Page.

You can also send message updates to all your Facebook Page fans at once, which you cannot do with your Personal Profile.

Be mindful to keep the social aspect of Facebook in mind as you create your Facebook business Page ensure to make your followers feel the human element of your business as much as possible, always be responsive and try to get back to all enquiries.

How to create a Facebook Business Page

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To be able to create a business page on facebook, you have to have a personal Facebook profile, if you have a personal profile, Log into your Personal profile Facebook home page and search for Create a Page on the left hand side of the home page, you will see a drop-down arrow that will give you the opportunity to create a new page. After you fill in the necessary information, you have yourself a business page on facebook. You might also want to have a quick browse through existing Facebook Pages in your niche before you create your own page so as to gain inspirations and get to view how other people in your niche thrives. While at it, you can make your brand more unique by adding your business details contacts, your business phone number and an email address where customers can reach you with. Also, you should add a logo that can be used to identify your brand. You can also add some applications such as chatbox on your business page to enable quick response to enquiries when you are not online.

Facebook Events

This is another great way of utilizing Facebook for your business. Facebook event is a great tool to enlighten people about any event that will be coming up and there will be a need for people to attend. You can use the Facebook Events feature to create events pages for launches, openings or any other online or offline events you are hosting, seminars, training, parties etc.

You can make a paid ad where you can invite facebook users, fans and friends to attend the event, they will be able to accept, decline or maybe your invitation. The feature gives you the opportunity to set a reminder for your friends about the event whenever they log into their Facebook account.

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Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads allow you to use Facebook’s platform for targeted advertising for your business. This is similar to AdWords content ads. You pay Facebook per click or per impression for ads which are displayed to your choice among Facebook users. Facebook has a matrix that allows you to target specifically people who will patronize what product or services you have to offer and this I done mostly by their interest and demography, you can target your ads to specific Facebook users according to their age, gender, location and interests. You should consider using paid ads on facebook if you provide high-profit goods or services. If done right, you will definitely get a return on investment that will cover all those expenses for the ads. Ensure to research the service well before you get started and it is good to start small campaigns first and target your local geographical area first, before branching out. You can always increase the size of your campaigns when you start seeing conversions and where it’s coming from.

Facebook for Market Research


Facebook, as we all know, is a social community and as a community, you can get all the best information about your niche, this can be done by joining Groups and Pages in your niche to see interest and activities going on there, also you get to see problems people face and use that an advantage to improve your product and services.

How large is a group? How many members join each day? What are people’s interests according to what they post on the group wall?

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The problems people encounter, questions and answers on the platform can give you an insight into what needs to be improved and what problem you can bring a solution which will yield profit later in your niche. Also, you get to see the activities that take place within your niche among Facebook users.

With all this information you have gotten, you can also create your own Facebook Group where your fans can interact and ask questions about any specific problem or issue in your niche which when improved upon will encourage more customers to patronize your product and services.


Author: SOUTECH Brands
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