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Web Application Development is obviously a desirable skillset, not to mention that it is also a lucrative one. When it comes to return on investment in education, Web developers rank among the top, with attractive salaries based on job roles and skill set.
Nevertheless, the internet has a lot of predictability that the number of Web developer jobs will continue to grow through 2022. The global demand for Web developers is very high, making it harder and more expensive for companies to hire top talent. It also means that those skilled in Web development have options to demand a premium in salaries and perks.

Zach Sims, CEO of Codeacademy said – “In today’s professional world, it’s essential to stay on the cutting edge, programmers who learn many Web languages are able to stay versatile and keep a pulse on the evolving professional needs within their field.”

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The question is; which languages are essential for any Web developer to learn, especially if they want to lock down a good salary?

CCS – Style Knows No Extinct

CSS –  Stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a stylesheet language that is responsible for the layout, style and how your website looks and behaves on the browser. It ensures proper spacing, alignment and the integrity of other key design elements. One without an in-depth CSS knowledge will find it difficult designing a Website because the language dictates so much in terms of look and feel of a website. Anyone who wants to be a web developer cannot overlook CSS.

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PHP: The Basis of Key Platforms

PHP which stands for Hypertext Processor (recursively), is a server-side scripting language responsible for many of the world’s most popular Web platforms, including WordPress. Dogged with security issues periodically yet, PHP boasts an elasticity that makes it valuable in everything from standalone graphics applications to generating HTML code.

It is a good practice to become familiar as possible with the platform’s open-source libraries when you learn PHP and to know how to interacts with database servers such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. If you’re interested in building up your PHP knowledge, Soutech Web Consult has tutorials that are specifically prepared to enhance your skillset. Scrapping from conditionals to arrays to loops, there are lots of things to learn about PHP, but once you know what you’re talking about and how to fix issues and bugs, you’ll be far ahead of competitors for many must-have jobs.

JavaScript: Everyone Wants an App

Topping the lists of most-popular programming languages in the World on a regular basis; is JavaScript. With good reason off-course, alongside CSS and HTML, it helps power huge number of Websites around the world. JavaScript is an interpreted programming language that allows programmers to create critical workflows, games, mobile\web apps, and just about everything else that jumped into their head.

It basically combines a series of items, including data structures, objects, and countless other elements, to help users build whatever they desire. Needless to say, it is a versatile platform, but also one with a lot of moving parts. Developers who intend learning JS will need to explore everything from choosing the right frameworks to advanced tools such as strict mode. JavaScript knowledge can also be parlayed into mobile development. “We often encourage beginners in mobile applications to get familiar with JavaScript.

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HTML – Anywhere There is The Web…

HTML which stands for “hypertext mark-up language” has been around like forever, and it’s perhaps the easiest of any Web language to learn. It remains significant as the Web’s standard markup language. Given its age, discussions on HTML and its importance are kind of old. But any newbie getting into Web Development should learn the basics of HTML, understand how to create different tags, and design simple Websites for practice.


To be a successful Web Developer, it is not enough to focus on just one of these languages. Although being flexible will unlock a lot of opportunities for success, but these languages are not necessarily standalone. For instance: HTML will need CSS for look and feel, likewise JavaScript will need HTML for output, depending on what you desire to build. The idea is to not only learn thoroughly but also put yourself in a flexible mindset that will allow you to adapt to the inevitable changes in languages and methodologies. All seasoned Web Developers knows that there is always something to learn.

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