Money, success and building wealth are almost always skills driven. Personally, I’ve been able to maximize my value specifically by learning in-demand skills. A skill is the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. So how can we even begin to prepare for a future that will no doubt be more mobile, autonomous and machine-driven than today?


It’s so easy to learn almost anything for free online if you simply dedicate a couple of hours of the week to anything. Some of the best free, or inexpensive, online courses can be found at SOTECH iLearn, UdemyEdX and Coursera. I have personally taken courses from these platforms especially from SOUTECH iLearn.


If you want to get ahead, diversifying and building new skills are essential. While we cannot predict the future, is important to learn the basic skills. Here are the specific essential skills that I think are going to be essential to survive and thrive in the future and where you can learn them.


  1. Digital Marketing: Getting someone’s attention online will only continue to get more difficult and those people who can reach and engage other’s online are, and will be, in high demand. The internet isn’t going anywhere. so at least learning the basics of this field can give you a huge leg up in a job interview or if you’re an entrepreneur you can market your own product Too many early entrepreneurs try to outsource (and spend big money) on their marketing. Learning how to do it yourself, even if you don’t do it forever, will make you a more strategic thinker. Digital Marketing is of the key drivers in wealth building and side hustle journey. Therefore, is an essential skill to grow for the future. Don’t relax until you become a Pro Digital Marketer with hands-on projects in one Month.
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  1. Coding: well for me, Code gives me a headache but I can’t ignore the fact that Code runs the world. Coding is more like a mindset and will change the way you look at the world. It’s no surprise that being able to code will give you an advantage in the future. Even if you have no plans to become a coder, learning how to code will teach you so many things about how the world today works and how the future is literally being built. Every app, website, car, or piece of hardware that you use is powered by code. So take the time because it takes time, to learn how to code. You can start by learning Web Design on this iLearn platform. Is robust yet understandable. The platform has a full support system.


Data Science In 5 Minutes | Data Science For Beginners | What Is Data Science? | Simplilearn ...

  1. Data Science & Analytics: Two consistently in-demand tech jobs within Big Data include data science and data analytics. Revenue from Big Data applications and analytics is projected to grow higher. 84% of enterprises have launched advanced analytics and Big Data initiatives to accelerate their decision-making and bring greater accuracy. This is part of why data science has earned a top spot on LinkedIn’s emerging jobs report all three years the report has been conducted. Don’t be left out in the upcoming training on Data Science and Analytics.




6 AI Cybersecurity Startups Keeping You Safe - Nanalyze

  1. Cybersecurity and Ethical hacking: When people hear the term hacking, they often think of someone infecting their computer with a virus, crashing a network and stealing money, or holding a company hostage from their daily operations with ransomware. Most people do not know that ethical hackers are people who are hired to think like a hacker or bad actor. They meticulously probe a company’s systems to find any weaknesses and bring them to the attention of the business before the bad actors exploit them. Ethical hacking is an investment that companies in the modern world can’t afford to do without. An organization will make the necessary investments in protection measures to ensure their data is secured when they are concerned about their cybersecurity and the price of becoming a victim of a cyberattack. Some organizations even over-invest in many different cybersecurity products to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect their business. Therefore what are you waiting for, invest in acquiring this knowledge and become a pro. Start learning for free.
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In conclusion, preparing for the future is important. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” Take your time to take a course and become a pro. Interestingly, you can start for free. Click below to register for free





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