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Networking Academy Badges & Certifications

Beyond courses, we prepare you for a smooth entry into the workforce. See how our courses align with digital badges and certifications that can lead to the job of your choice.

Empowering Career Opportunities

Networking Academy’s Talent Bridge program is the link between talent and opportunities. Below is a sampling of the types of jobs that are available to Networking Academy Students. As you can see, your efforts will pay off — not only for you but for employers who are seeking out skilled talent for their ever-growing business needs.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Act and analyze security alerting, intrusion, cyber intelligence, and business information. Example requirements:

  • CCNA CyberOps certification or other
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 2-years experience
IT Help Desk Technician

Help diagnose technical problems for customers and colleagues. Example requirements:

  • CompTIA certification
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communications skills
Junior/Associate Network Engineer

Become a member of an engineering team and be responsible for supporting a variety of projects. Example requirements:

  • CCNA certification
  • Fluency in networking, fundamentals & protocols
Network Administrator

Be involved in the growth and expansion of a company’s computer network. Example requirements:

  • Cisco-certified
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Problem-solving skills
Associate Sales Specialist

Play a crucial role in facilitating the success of the field team in selling collaboration and networking products. Example requirements:

  • Cisco CCNA certification
  • Knowledge of Cisco solutions
  • Knowledge of Cisco networking products

Earn digital badges

Issued by Cisco and embedded with Metadata, Networking Academy digital badges verify skills after passing final assessment. Proudly display on any online platform (social media, email signature, resume, and website) to enhance your professional brand. See all digital badges.

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Acquire a certification

Completing one or more certifications can give you an edge over other candidates applying for the same job. Plus, having a certification will allow you to ramp up quickly in your new job.

Use our Quick Reference Guide to see how certifications prepare you for your desired career. Inside you’ll:

  • Learn more about each certification and exam
  • See how Networking Academy courses align to certifications
  • Discover what job types are within reach after completing a certification

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