Networking Essentials

Learn basic networking concepts and skills you can put to use right away, no previous networking knowledge needed.

Networking Essentials teaches networking based on environments students may encounter in daily life, including small office and home office networking. This course provides an engaging, self-paced learning experience using Packet Tracer simulation, interactive activities, and learning with your own devices at home.


Enhance Your Skillset, Whatever Path You Take

Networking is at the heart of the digital transformation. The network is essential to many business functions today, including business-critical data and operations, cybersecurity, and so much more. A wide variety of career paths rely on the network — so it’s important to understand what the network can do, how it operates, and how to protect it.

This is a great course for developers, data scientists, cybersecurity specialists, and other professionals looking to broaden their networking domain knowledge. It’s also an excellent launching point for students pursuing a wide range of career pathways – from cybersecurity to software development to business and more. A Networking Academy digital badge is available for the instructor-led version of this course. No prerequisites required.


You’ll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Plan and install a home or small business network using wireless technology, then connect it to the Internet.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Practice verifying and troubleshooting network and Internet connectivity.
  • Recognize and mitigate security threats to a home network.

Develop a foundational understanding of the high-level network architecture and how a network operates.


Learning Component Highlights:

  1. 20 modules and 19 practice labs
  2. 24 Cisco Packet Tracer activities
  3. 130+ interactive activities, videos, & quizzes
  4. 5 module exams
  5. 1 final exam and 1 skill assessment (Instructor-led only)
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