How to get to Google 1st page- Google Number one (1) Position Techniques- SOUTECH Guide

How to get to Google 1st page- Google Number one (1) Position Techniques- SOUTECH Guide


Adding your business or services on Google Maps enhance online visibility even if your business is entirely mobile or online. If you aren’t operating a brick-and-mortar storefront, though, you may not want to post an address — and you don’t have to. Adding your business on Google Maps is simply done by setting up a profile in Google Places for Business. During this process, you can choose to suppress your street address and list service areas instead.


First you must have a Google account, sign in to Google Places for Business with your valid Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one for free.

Your business phone number is a primary contact information especially if you are running a mobile or online business. You will need to provide your business phone number for easy identification of your business or services.

Also needed is some Basic Information which includes your business address. Google will require that you submit a valid mailing address for your business. You can disguise this address from searchers, however, you can also use a different criterion like “service areas” to define your location on Google Maps.


Choosing the “service areas” option means your business serves customers at their locations” in your chosen service areas. This option is available if you do not want your address to be listed. Off course, you will have to indicate the distance you can cover from one location if you offer mobile services.

The list of areas served option enables you to choose cities, states and countries you have or you serve, a good way of letting Google speak on your behalf.

Hours of operation, payment options, photos, videos and more can also be added to enhance visibility and inform your customers accordingly. Remember, your listing is advertising, so the more information you add to your profile, the more effective it will be.


Google will send you a personal identification number (PIN), to the mailing address you choose, of which you will use to complete the verification process in order to properly publish your listing.

One Google business listing is all you need irrespective of the numerous services and cities that you serve. You can always update services areas.

If you have a website already, I recommend listing your business or services on Google as the first step in SEO, otherwise you should really consider having a website for your business.

Content Development and consistent blogging in a systematic and scientific way will get you to google no 1 position.


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