Salary scale and earnings of a Python Programming Expert

Our research showed that the average Python developer salary is NGN39.2m. But there’s more. We also found out which states are the highest-paying for Python software developers, estimated the real number of Python developers in the world, and explored the reasons behind Python’s popularity.

2015 and 2016 have been big years for Python. According to the 2016 Developer Survey by StackOverflow, Python ranks as the world’s sixth most popular programming language for the second year in a row and is also rated the fourth most wanted technology of the year. Python is also one of the hottest tech skills to have, according to research by Dice, with demand slightly outstripping supply.


More impressive still, according to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, Python is now the second most popular programming language in the world. The index was created by analyzing how often language tutorials are searched on Google.

Average Python Developer Salary Compared to Other Programming Languages
Although there is a general trend that indicates developers specializing in rarer technologies are offered more generous salaries than those with knowledge of more widespread ones, Python seems to be an exception.

According to Gooroo, a platform that provides tech skill and salary analytics, Python is one of the highest-paying programming languages. In fact, at NGN37m per year, Python developers are — on average — the second best-paid in the country, with only Ruby engineers in front of them.

Skill                    Average salary                       Monthly jobs advertised
Ruby                    NGN38.8m                                   2,773
Python                 NGN37m                                      7,732
C++                      NGN36.3                                      6,487
Java                      NGN29.9m                                  17,528
Perl                       NGN32m                                     3,516
JavaScript           NGN36.7m                                  13,600
C#                         NGN37m                                     8,809
PHP                      NGN37.5m                                  2,994
C                            NGN32m                                     9,132
ASP.NET             NGN40m                                     3,639

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It’s not exactly surprising to see Python rank so highly, given that it was among the highest-paying and most in-demand languages last year as well.

What Makes Python So Popular?

The average salary of a Python computer programmer may be high, but it can’t possibly be the only reason explaining why so many engineers choose this language as their favorite. We decided to explore other factors contributing to Python’s popularity:

  • The world’s tech giants love it. Google, Youtube, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Dropbox, Yahoo, Mozilla, Quora, Instagram, and Reddit are just a few of the big names on the tech scene that use Python for a wide range of purposes, and are continuously on the lookout for Python engineers. Google, for one, uses Python for anything from AI algorithms to the App Engine Cloud. Meanwhile, 99.9% of Dropbox’s code is in Python, including server backend, desktop client, website controller logic, API backend, and analytics tools.
  • It’s widely used in machine learning. With the rise of data science, Python’s popularity as a scientific language has soared. There are many machine learning libraries written in Python, in addition to a great number of tools that make it easy to do machine learning.
  • It’s perfect for beginners. Python is a great choice for beginner programmers because of its simple and flexible syntax. With Python, you can get started easily and immediately build towards something usable. This feeling of accomplishment early on is a very important factor in learning to code.
  • It might just be the only language you need. According to “A Comparative Study of Programming Languages in Rosetta Code” published by the Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, scripting languages generate the most concise code and are much faster for everyday tasks than the procedural languages. That, combined with the fact that you can use Python to build websites, develop GUI, analyze data, “glue” other languages together, and a ton of other things, means that this language may well be all you need to cover all your development needs.
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