5 New reasons for you to learn python

Believe it or not, Python has been there and is still going to be there. One of the most widely used high level and multi-style programing language. Python supports imperative programming, functional and objects oriented programming styles. The 28 years old programing language has standard libraries that offer lots of functionality that make it possible to implement complex applications extremely easy. This easy to learn programing language is responsible for most complex applications and it doesn’t matter if you are new to programming or a seasoned programmer, you must have definitely heard of Python. If you still don’t know why you should choose to learn Python, the following five reasons will convince you.


#1 Easy to learn and use

Python, which derived its name from a popular British comedy “Monty Python” is really fun to learn. Unlike other programming languages, Python is very easy and quick to learn not to mention that the language is extremely fast to use. Python code is readable and it requires less code to complete a basic task.

With little knowledge, a developer can actually learn a lot simply by observing the code. Needless to say, most developers learned Python in the process of learning how to code a python framework. It is the only language you can easily learn, write simple code and build complex applications at same time.

#2 Versatility

Python provide adequate flexibility and functionality for both new and experienced programmers, having a syntax specifically adapted for human readability. It apparently has native binding to C, very concise in the number of lines with no type declarations and very much less verbose as compared to other object-oriented programming languages. Learning Python could be a stepping stone as it set you up appropriately to adopt any other language or environment easily.

Want to see some examples:


Python has an extensive standard library that contains built-in modules written in C and provides access to different system functionalities. In the programming world, support extremely crucial and the python is not only amongst the largest in the world but also one of the best in the world. Python is open source with lots of open source frameworks available for application testing and also backed by PyPI, a repository of over 85,000 Python modules and scripts available for immediate use. The modules execute pre-packaged functionalities that solve diverse challenges such as implementing computer version, working with databases, executing advanced data analytics and building RESTful web services.

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# 3 Everyone love Python

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A significant number of tech giants such as IBM, Nokia, Google, Mozilla, Yahoo! and many others including NASA comprehensively rely on Python. The existence of these companies proves that there is always a search and demand for talents with knowledge of python. Small companies who intend to make their mark in the I.T. world will definitely require Python professionals as well.

# 4 Start-ups has no worries

Creating an outstanding product can be done using any programming language, but there are always considerations. Start-ups don’t have the robust resources most big players have and are therefore required to provide solutions to client’s challenges using available resources within and short time-frame. Now, if you are to build a complex application for the web, mobile or non-app based, what language does that easily for you? Python!

#5 Welcome to the web

Web programming with Python is a lot of fun for a developer. The Python architecture makes well thought out, well design and robust with big developer ecosystem with available debugging tools. Python frameworks include Pylons, Django, We2py, TurboGears, Grok, flask etc. with Django as the most popular framework preferred for Python web development.

Start learning Python today

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